Support Terms and Conditions


Pro2col Ltd acts as the initial point of contact when customers encounter issues with their software which cannot be resolved locally. Pro2col Ltd expects that the customer’s technical staff have undergone at least basic training on the software that they have purchased and have familiarised themselves with all available product documentation.
Pro2col standard support hours are 09:00 to 17:30 UK time Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Outside of these hours, the customer may;
– contact the software vendor directly within USA standard support hours or if they have purchased extended support
– contact Pro2col’s 24×7 Support Desk if they have purchased access to it
– submit an email to and wait for Pro2col to review the ticket at 9 am on the next UK business work day


Support Call Procedure


1) When an issue occurs, the customers staff shall raise a support call at Pro2col using either email (to or via telephone to 0333 123 1240. A member of the Technical Services team will evaluate the severity of the issue based upon the priority matrix below.

Following this, Pro2col technical staff will initiate a fault diagnosis process.
2) The customer must assist the Pro2col technician in the fault diagnosis process by:
a) Clearly informing the technician of the product name, modules, version number, operating system and where possible the product serial number
b) Providing all logs, screenshots etc. as requested by the technician
c) Answering all questions that the technician may have
d) Where it does not negatively impact a production environment:
i) Restarting services or systems
ii) Making configuration changes as requested

3) Support may be provided via email, telephone, or remote access.
a) Remote access will generally be through a web-based screen sharing session which should be allowable by the customer

4) If Pro2col Ltd deems that the customer raises an excessive number of support calls that signify a gap in the training, support may be declined until the technician has ascertained that appropriate training has been taken.

5) If the support call is related to a problem encountered during an upgrade or migration activity performed by the customer, Pro2col will where possible assist the customer to return their system to its original state. (Support for an upgrade must be purchased separately as part of a Professional Services package)


Obligations of the Customer


1) The customer shall:

  1. a) Ensure that servers (Virtual and Physical) are maintained in good running order and have sufficient resources available
    b) Not alter, amend or reconfigure the software in any way which goes against the requirements or best practices of the software vendor
    c) Free of charge, provide all reasonable assistance to Pro2col
    d) Provide access to the software environment through remote or local access as required by Pro2col during fault diagnosis and rectification.

2) If requested by Pro2col, the customer shall sign a statement to acknowledge resolution of the fault.

Service Level Agreement

Determining the Priority of Incidents




Impact is defined as the extent of the organisation impacted by the incident

  • High – Service is unavailable for all users
  • Medium – Service is degraded for all users, or unavailable for many
  • Low – Service is degraded for all users or unavailable for one




Urgency is defined as how the business is affected by the incident.

  • High – A core business process is impacted causing financial loss
  • Medium – A useful business process is impacted, but workarounds are available
  • Low – Functionality required for a business process cannot be configured or is missing


Prioritisation Matrix


Cross reference the high/medium/low values from Impact and Urgency to determine the priority to apply to the incident


















Incident Priority Values


Regardless of the priority, all incidents will be reviewed by Pro2col technicians within one hour of receipt.  Pro2col technicians will attempt incident resolution and if necessary, escalate issues to the software vendor.

  • Priority 1 – Handle immediately. If no resolution possible within one hour, escalate to vendor (may also escalate immediately)
  • Priority 2 – Handle immediately. If no resolution possible within four hours, escalate to vendor
  • Priority 3 – If no resolution possible within one day, escalate to vendor
  • Priority 4 – If no resolution possible within three days, escalate to vendor
  • Priority 5 – If no resolution possible within one week, escalate to vendor


Service Level Agreement

24×7 Support Desk


A critical care 24×7 support desk, available outside of UK business hours, is provided for those of our customers who have purchased access to it. Outside of UK business hours includes the hours between 17.30 – 09.00 UK time Monday to Friday, all weekends and UK public holidays.


Critical Care


Customers suffering from a Priority 1 incident can submit a ticket to or alternatively call the dedicated 24×7 support telephone line stated on their maintenance contract.

Critical care covers the following incidents where no temporary work around is available;

  • the product is unavailable for all users
  • a core business process is impacted causing financial loss


Out of Scope


Anything not related to or defined above as requiring critical care.  This includes, but not limited to:

  • Any infrastructure owned or managed by You or a 3rd party
  • Any external database as setup and managed by You or a 3rd party
  • Any shared file system as setup and managed by You or a 3rd party
  • Any Active Directory or LDAP as setup and managed by You or a 3rd party
  • Workflow, projects, triggers, scheduling, monitoring & automation management or changes



Fair Use Policy for Out of Hours Support


The resolution of Out Of Hours Critical Care Support queries is subject to this Fair Use Policy.

Out of hours support is provided is strictly for priority 1 issues as described in the prioritisation matrix above only.

The Fair Use Policy is based on your annual support agreement and assumes a ceiling of 120 minutes support each year. If a critical issue causes the full entitlement of support minutes to be expended in a support session, Pro2col will continue to provide support until the issue has been resolved.

Pro2col reserves the right to exercise the Fair Use Policy at its sole discretion. In addition to the annual allocation, minutes can be bought in advance if required. Any unused minutes will not be rolled over to the following year.


Service Billing


Pro2col reserve the right to apply a charge per every 30 minutes if the annual allocation exceeds the Fair Use Policy.