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Renowned MFT expert, Jordan Baggs joins Pro2col

Renowned MFT expert, Jordan Baggs joins Pro2col

Pro2col is delighted to announce that Jordan Baggs has joined our managed file transfer technical team. Jordan brings with him a wealth of managed file transfer expertise having previously been a managed file transfer integration consultant in his previous role.
Managing Director, James Lewis, commented;

“The UK MFT industry is pretty small, so I had been aware of Jordan for several years whilst at Primeur. With our continued growth and wanting to further extend our position as the leading global MFT consultancy, bringing Jordan into the team was a logical technical fit and his positive can-do attitude aligns well with our business culture.”

Upon joining the company, Jordan said:

“Moving to Pro2col will allow me to gain valuable experience with lots of different MFT platforms. Also I am really looking forward to working with a local team.”

One of the key reasons Jordan chose Pro2col was to be part of a small, growing company with big ambitions. Pro2col has seen substantial growth over the past few years, making it an exciting time to join.

As Technical Consultant, Jordan’s role will focus on supporting our clients to get the most out of their MFT solution. From designing the solution, to pre-sales and also technical support management.

We’re excited to welcome Jordan and his addition to the company will further strengthen the technical team, led by specialist MFT expert Richard Auger.

This moves Pro2col forward in its goal of being the leading global independent managed file transfer & integration consultancy.

If you would like to join our growing team, please take a look at our at the latest roles available on the careers page.

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Charity Recipe Book

Charity Recipe Book

Supporting University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity and Local Businesses

It’s more than just work at Pro2col. Supporting local charities is a key part of what we do. Over the next three months, we’re raising funds for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity. They have a number of projects to help patients and staff, but the Pro2col team particularly want to support the health and wellbeing of the staff throughout the pandemic.

To fund raise for this great cause we’re creating a custom recipe book that will also champion local businesses and what they have to offer.

Supporting Local Businesses

As lockdown eases, restaurants, pubs, eateries and more are now able to offer their services once again. It’s almost a foreign concept to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal out. But a massive welcome it is!

Unfortunately, the past year has been tough. We’re powering through and a large part of this is down to community support.

As a local company we want to be able to support all the amazing local businesses around us. This includes the food places that had to close for an unprecedented amount of time.

To celebrate all the delicious food options in the community, we’ll be creating a bespoke recipe book. Filled with delightful recipes from baked goods to savoury meals and more.

We’re a firm believer in creating a positive impact. No matter how small or big, every action counts.

The Go-To Recipe Book

This recipe book will be a big shout out to what the local area has to offer. We invite local residents and businesses to submit their unique recipe. This can be literally anything. The cookbook will be diverse, so it really will be the go-to guide if you’re not sure what to cook for dinner. There’s only one requirement, it has to taste good.

All proceeds of this cookbook will be donated to University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity. Supporting the staff who have been on the front line. The NHS heroes. Recently funded outcomes include safe spaces for staff to decompress after a challenging time at work, enhanced well-being support and the creation of a team recognition fund.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have the support of Pro2col. It’s been such an incredible boost for our staff during the pandemic and more recently during the second wave and lockdown, when the Trust and staff were under enormous pressure. University Hospitals NHS Charity is delighted that as businesses resume activity, they are creating innovative ways to support us. The recipe book is a fantastic initiative and the funds will directly benefit our staff and well-being fund.”

Karen Smith, Fundraising Manager

How to submit your recipe

Click the button below to upload your recipe, images and your company logo. Please include step by step instructions, ingredients and any tips.

Starry Award

Starry 'McStarFace' Award

Recognising outstanding staff achievements

Wellbeing and mental health support are key components to Pro2col’s values. Part of fostering a happy work culture is to recognise and reward staff achievements.

The Starry Award does just that. Each week Starry McStarFace, a star shaped trophy, is given to any colleague who demonstrates the values of honesty, excellence and teamwork.

Any staff member can nominate their work colleague. Reasons for nominations vary, from the sale of a new product to ironing three shirts for a video shoot! If you think your colleague has done a good job, shout starry!

At the end of the financial year the person with the most nominations gets a company donation to their chosen charity.

Winners of the Starry Award

Liam’s donation helped Gingerbread, a charity that is dedicated to supporting single parents. The charity provides information to help single parents support themselves and their family. They also campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding single parents and make services more accessible to all families, no matter their situation.

 Recognising and Rewarding Staff Achievements

Pro2col’s staff survey revealed that recognition was the top motivating factor. This was above other incentives such as bonuses. Colleagues are encouraged to recognise and encourage others and hence, Starry McStarFace was born and the name was collectively agreed on.

Once again, we want to congratulate both Luke and Liam on an incredible achievement.

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Managed File Transfer software comparison

Enterprise Managed File Transfer Software Comparison

We review the MFT vendor landscape for 2021-22

Managed file transfer is an important investment. It’s a critical part of an enterprise hybrid integration infrastructure, sitting alongside iPaaS, EDI and other middleware. Put simply, there is no better technology for moving files.

If you choose the right managed file transfer right solution, you’ll quickly see a return on investment, benefiting from increased security, simpler compliance, business efficiencies and a real-time view of your file transfers. You can read up on these success stories in our case studies.

Get it wrong, however, and you’ll most likely be back comparing products again within a few years.

So the question is, how best to compare enterprise managed file transfer solutions when there are so many on the market?

This blog contains simple steps to follow, and includes our independent viewpoint of the marketplace and the products you should consider.

How to Compare Enterprise Managed File Transfer Software

Step 1: Avoid out of date comparisons

There are a lot of these online. People still use the Garter MFT Vendors Magic Quadrant, for example, but it’s over ten years old! The marketplace has changed so much in that time that these resources have little relevance to the current vendor landscape.

Step 2: Avoid vendor comparison

A vendor will naturally be selling their product, so it’s impossible to get an independent recommendation as to whether it is the best fit for your needs. If you use these resources, make sure you go to each vendor to get a complete picture. This is time consuming though, so short cut the process using our free, independent comparison service.

Step 3: Make sure you're comparing like-for-like

MFT (on-premise) should have, as a minimum, a gateway, file transfer server and automation/rules engine. Many online comparisons include simple ad-hoc person-to-person file sharing solutions. And the G2 comparison’s top-rated product is actually a workload automation tool, not MFT. If you’re not comparing like-for-like, you can’t get an accurate viewpoint.

Step 4: Consider more than just features

Products will mostly do the same things. They all support the major transfer protocols, deliver high security with PGP encryption and other measures. They all have sophisticated enterprise schedulers, workflow triggers and cloud connectivity, plus excellent visibility / SLA monitoring capabilities. What matters is how they do this. You need to consider vendor support, how regularly they bring out new releases, and other factors. We only recommend vendors who bring out regular releases and are responsive to any issues.

Step 5: Check the information below

At Pro2col, we are independent experts and have worked with secure, managed file transfer solutions since 2004. We are also providers and developers of the only vendor-independent training programme: The Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP). We’ve distilled this knowledge below.

Step 6: Complete the free comparison questionnaire

It’s a completely free and independent recommendation. You answer a series of questions about your requirements and our experts match the best managed file transfer software for your needs.

Enterprise Managed File Transfer Vendors

These on-premise solutions are in alphabetical order – we haven’t listed them by which is best. They are all strong products and the right one will depend entirely on your business and budget.

Axway SecureTransport

Coviant Software - Diplomat MFT

Axway have been specialising in enterprise data integration for 20 years. They acquired Secure Transport from Tumbleweed in 2008.

It is a mature product, but a recent addition to our list of top four MFT solutions. Recent price changes have made Secure Transport more competitive, which is why we’ve included it.

The product provides most out-of-the-box MFT features and wider integration requirements can largely be delivered from an extensive portfolio of their other complimentary technologies, such as CFT, B2Bi and multiple API toolsets.

Axway is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, but with regional headquarters worldwide.


Globalscape EFT


No MFT comparison would be complete without including Globalscape EFT Server. It has been a cornerstone of the MFT marketplace for well over a decade. It has always been a strong automation platform for Windows and they bring out a major new release each year.

Globalscape EFT, which stands for Enhanced File Transfer, comes in the Express edition, for smaller to medium-sized businesses or tactical deployments. Then EFT Enterprise for enterprise managed file transfer capable of scaling to meet the most demanding environments.

EFT has a modular structure, so organisations can easily scale their solution by adding new features.

The privacy and compliance features are ideal for supporting GDPR or other regulations. This is – without a doubt – the product’s USP. It includes settings that map to the sections of the GDPR, a built-in risk assessment report to identify compliance fails, the ability to assign tasks to Data Protection Officer (DPO) and a lot more!

The company was acquired by HelpSystems last year and remains based in San Antonio, Texas, USA. HelpSystems will continue to develop Globalscape EFT alongside their other MFT solution. A great benefit of this acquisition is tighter integration between EFT and HelpSystems’ DLP product.

Managed File Transfer software comparison

HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT

Helpsystems - GoAnywhere MFT

The original developers Linoma were acquired a few years back, bringing GoAnywhere MFT under the HelpSystems umbrella. Since this acquisition, they have continued to prove themselves to be an innovative vendor.

GoAnywhere MFT is a cross-platform application and very strong on connecting to cloud storage and an increasing number of SaaS applications. HelpSystems have put a considerable focus on out-of-the-box cloud connectors. We’ve seen how this has simplified cloud strategies for a lot of business – both global enterprises and smaller businesses.

They bring out a major new release each year and are continually adding new cloud connectors to their portfolio. GoAnywhere MFT is another easily scalable solution and a big advantage is its seamless operation with other HelpSystems products, such as their DLP and RPA offerings. HelpSystems also recently acquired File Catalyst and will be looking to integrate UDP, for faster file transfer, in the near future.

HelpSystems’ CEO is Kate Bolseth and the organisation is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Managed File Transfer software comparison

Progress MOVEit

Helpsystems - GoAnywhere MFT

The MOVEit product suite includes MOVEit Transfer the server component, and MOVEit Automation for the workflow automation element of their managed file transfer suite. Users can choose either the Corporate or Enterprise tier on Automation – the latter providing more extensive functionality.

MOVEit has been known and loved for many years. It is very well established and has a loyal customer base. People trust it because it has always had a strong reputation for security. Its multitenancy capabilities for example, are among the most secure on the market.

MOVEit Transfer can work out more cost-effective for smaller organisations due to discounts applied to bundles. Another plus is that MOVEit Automation (Enterprise) users can automate the movement of files between unlimited servers.

The previous vendor Ipswitch was acquired by Progress in 2019 for +$200m and there have been some positive recent developments, such as API enhancements and executing custom scrtipts in PowerShell . Overall, we’ve observed a lack of development in the last couple of years, but new pricing packages mean this continues to be a competitive solution.

Ipswitch was formed in 1991. Progress was founded in the 1980s and is based out of Massachusetts, USA.

Managed File Transfer software comparison

Enterprise Managed File Transfer Comparison: The Rest Of The Market

Of course, there are many other solutions on the market that haven’t made our top four. So here’s a brief explanation of some of the other products you’re likely to come across in your Managed File Transfer comparison, again in alphabetical order:

Attunity Managed File Transfer

Attunity Managed File Transfer

Since acquiring the technology from Repliweb in 2011 there appears to have been little focus on this product.

Cleo Harmony

Cleo - Harmony

Cleo Harmony is a solid managed file transfer solution, providing integration capabilities through the acquisition of Extol a number of years ago. Cleo is led by a very impressive leadership team. Cleo is configured in a different way to many other MFT systems; there is a concept of first defining a host, then creating ‘mailboxes’ beneath each host.  Automation is configured by building lists of commands to execute against a host. While this method works well and provides a certain degree of flexibility, it does mean that workflows are effectively built using scripts, rather than some form of GUI.  This can make it less appealing to administrators who need to manage the MFT system.


JScape MFT Server

JScape MFT Server

Another good managed file transfer product which has stood the test of time. It’s a java application providing cross platform server installations and extensive functionality. It was acquired in January by Advanced Systems Concepts – manufacturer of ActiveBatch workload automation – because the company wanted to add MFT to their product portfolio. We had some concerns about their support in the past, but the combined team at ASC have already taken steps to address this by launching a 24×7 support offering, delivered by the larger team.

Primeur Data One

JScape MFT Server

DataOne is the next generation MFT platform from Primeur. It was recently rebranded from Ghibli Next and it ticks many of the boxes for standard MFT workflows. It is, however, lacking in cloud integration and cloud storage, with S3 and Blob storage notable absences. Nor is the user interface very intuitive. There has been a recent increase in focus on features addressing GDPR compliance.

Seeburger Business Integration Suite


Still an active MFT vendor with a major focus on their home market of Germany. We don’t know of any company in the UK that runs it and haven’t had any exposure to it so could not comment on either product or company.

South River Technologies – Cornerstone

South River Technologies - Cornerstone

SRT continues to develop Cornerstone, which is a modular solution at a significantly more competitive price than other options. An extension of their industry-leading Titan SFTP server, Cornerstone provides a lot of functionality for its price.


South River Technologies - Cornerstone

Thru is probably the only cloud-native MFT product, so it’s a common choice for enterprises wanting to move from an on-prem to a cloud solution. Thru has strong connectivity with integration platforms, providing the file transfer gateway to the iPaaS marketplace, with connectors for the leading solutions. This allows file exchanges to very simply integrate with any number of other applications. The no code set-up simplifies and speeds up integrations. It allows a ‘citizen integrator’ – someone without niche scripting skills – to integrate internal and external systems within hours rather than weeks.

Excluded Products

If you’re familiar with the managed file transfer marketplace, you’ll notice we’ve excluded some solutions. We’ve done this when we don’t think they make the grade, so we wouldn’t want to endorse them. Remember MFT (on-premise) should have, as a minimum, a gateway, file transfer server and automation/rules engine.

Coviant Diplomat

Coviant Software

Diplomat primarily delivers automation. It is excellent value for money and has an increasing number of application and cloud integration points. However, it doesn’t meet our definition for enterprise managed file transfer.


Oracle MFT

Coviant Software

Oracle MFT has limited features and capabilities. It was developed to protect their SOA/B2B install base and has been in maintenance mode for some years, with the focus shifting to the Oracle Integration Cloud.


SolarWinds Serv-U MFT

Coviant Software

Solarwinds only offers two of the three basics – the proxy and the server – meaning that by our definition, and that of Gartner, it isn’t a managed file transfer solution at all. We also have concerns about the support and recent issues resulting in corrupted passwords following a simple update. You can read our full review of SolarWinds Serv-U MFT.

So Which Is The Best Managed File Transfer Solution?

Sorry, but there just isn’t a simple answer to that questions. It’s going to depend entirely on your unique set of requirements. Ultimately, there is no ‘best managed file transfer’, but the best fit for you. That’s why we’d recommend you complete the comparison questionnaire. It will identify your current and future needs and provide a simple, free recommendation based on over 16 years of independent expertise in this niche technology space. You’ll save a huge amount of time reviewing documentation from different vendors, and be confident you are choosing the right solution for your organisation.

Solution comparison tool

Take the risk out of selecting an MFT solution with our free, independent comparison service!

Enterprise Managed File Transfer FAQS

Which is the best Managed File Transfer vendor?

As independent experts with over 15 years’ experience working with MFT, we’ve whittled it down to the four best (in alphabetical order).

  • Axway Managed File Transfer
  • Globalscape Software – EFT Server
  • HelpSystems – GoAnywhere MFT
  • Progress  – MOVEit MFT

Who are the Enterprise Managed File Transfer vendors?

Our top four in alphabetical order are:

  • Axway – Axway Managed File Transfer
  • HelpSytems – EFT Server
  • HelpSystems – GoAnywhere MFT
  • Progress  – MOVEit MFT

But there are over forty on the market including:

  • Attunity
  • Axway
  • Cleo

See full list here…

How do I compare Managed File Transfer software?

Online comparison articles can only tell you so much. The right solution is going to depend entirely on your unique business requirements. Our free comparison tool will identify the right solution for you.

New Forest 10K Run

New Forest 10K Run

Pro2col kickstarted their first fundraising event of the year with a very active 10k run. The chosen charity is the Bournemouth Hospital NHS charity. In particular their health and wellbeing initiatives for their staff.

Recent projects include safe spaces for staff to decompress after challenging times at work and enhanced wellbeing support. This includes a dedicated team of wellbeing practitioners who are on hand to offer individual support.

Several Pro2col staff members took part in the challenge. Matthew, Ian, Jasmina, Helen, Ben and James braved the cool April morning to run 10k.

The route was part of the New Forest Trail run series and saw our team take to the scenic Hinton Admiral Estate. Organisers of the event were given exclusive access to the unspoilt natural beauty. This certainly gave the team the extra motivation to keep going!

With the terrain being relatively flat it proved to be the perfect charity run regardless of experience or ability. Our team particularly enjoyed the vibrant coloured bracken, but were disappointed not to have seen deer grazing on the side of the trail.

There’s always next year!

“I’m incredibly proud of the team. It wasn’t the nicest of mornings but that’s what makes fundraising so important, to be able to step outside of your comfort zone. Mental health is vital. This past year has been tough and we recognise the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace. Especially for the NHS staff who have done such a great job” 

James Lewis, Managing Director at Pro2col

Thanks to the group’s effort we raised over £650 for our chosen charity. The funds will be directed towards mental health support for staff specifically on ICU.

This is only the start of Pro2col’s charity fundraising. It’s ingrained into our work culture and everyday life. Our next project will both support local businesses and the Bournemouth NHS Charity. Showcasing the best recipes from the community into one easy go-to recipe book.

Solarwinds Serv-U MFT Server review

SolarWinds Serv-U MFT Server Review

July 2021

At Pro2col, we regularly review the managed file transfer market place. This means we can give the most up-to-date advice to our customers. Reviews might be prompted by an acquisition or merger, as well as ongoing monitoring of customer support, product updates and roadmaps.

The latest Solarwinds Serv-U MFT server review, July 2021

The latest SolarWinds security vulnerability finds the much maligned Serv-U product line under the spotlight. Microsoft discovered the vulnerabilities and reported them privately, explains SolarWinds in its published advisory notice.


James Lewis, Managing Director of Pro2col commented, “Pro2col has helped many users to migrate off the SolarWinds Serv-U product line, largely due to the lack of support and product development. Personally, I believe calling it an MFT tool is misleading, it doesn’t meet with the market definition for MFT, which is further validated by its exclusion from Gartner’s MFT Market Snapshot 2021. As independent experts in secure, managed file transfer we strongly advise against running Solarwinds Serv-U MFT and Serv-U Secure FTP.”

If you’re a Serv-U user, it would be worthwhile to read the rest of this review, the advisory and apply the hot fixes. Our expert MFT comparision service is designed to help you find the right MFT soultion to fit your business needs.

If you’d like independent, expert advice on your options, contact our expert team who will walk you through the process of migrating to an actively developed/supported MFT platform, fit for the modern enterprise.

Examining Solarwinds Serv-U MFT server, March 2021

Recently, a company alerted us to an issue with SolarWinds Serv-U MFT, which our experts swiftly looked into.This particular Serv-U customer is a well-known global enterprise who – unfortunately – was given poor advice by the SolarWinds support team. It related to running a simple update to patch some bugs and provide some much-needed security enhancements. The customer’s technical team even took the opportunity to call the SolarWinds support team to double-check that users would be able to log in as stated below once the update had been run.


However, upon running the update, upwards of 5,000 trading partners’ passwords were corrupted, resulting in mission-critical transfers failing. A quick glance at the SolarWinds Serv-U message board shows that many users have been having the same issues since September 2020, but there has been no official response from the Serv-U team, despite repeated requests for an update.

The company’s frustrated technical team, backed by the board’s financial approval, engaged Pro2col to be their trusted advisors in finding an alternative platform.

Is it really managed file transfer?

Pro2col defines managed file transfer as needing to cover three key areas:

  • The secure gateway or proxy
  • The file transfer server
  • The workflow automation engine

There are frequently other elements to a solution but the above three are the basics. Gartner’s definition is slightly different but covers the same core features.

“MFT on-premises offerings usually comprise four discrete functionalities that organisations can deploy separately. However, organisations often deploy them as a suite. The functionalities basic to MFT are server, client/agent, proxy and plug-in for ad hoc transfers.”

Gartner – January 2021.

Solarwinds only offers two of the three basics – the proxy and the server – meaning that by our definition, and that of Gartner, it isn’t a managed file transfer solution at all. It falls short on the most important element; the one which provides the most significant value to an organization. The workflow automation.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what you don’t get when investing in Serv-U MFT Server.

Serv-U MFT product analysis

As mentioned before, the basic building blocks of a managed file transfer solution comprise of the proxy, server and automation. We’re going to take a look at some of the limitations.

Forward and reverse proxy

The proxy is the simplest element of any managed file transfer solution. It acts as perimeter security, providing two functions:

  • To allow incoming file transfers when agreed by the file transfer server (reverse proxy)
  • To route outgoing transfers sent by the file transfer server’s workflow component (forward proxy)

Serv-U has a reverse proxy that positively differentiates it from other inexpensive file transfer servers. Where a proxy isn’t available it is necessary to rely on the firewall to provide port forwarding. For example, SFTP traffic hitting the firewall on port 22 is forwarded to the file transfer server. Many ‘SFTP servers’ are still being deployed in the DMZ, rather than sitting behind a proxy. This is not considered best practice.

Serv-U does not have a forward proxy to route outgoing transfers, however. So whilst it is competitively priced at £804, it is missing this key feature that you’ll see in products from the market leaders. You can find out more about forward and reverse proxy in our blog, The Advantages of Using a Forward and Reverse Proxy.

Serv-U MFT Server

Serv-U is essentially a solid SFTP/FTPS server.

Solarwinds website states it’s possible to “upload and download files quickly and easily”, and that “ad-hoc file sharing is easy”. However, almost all file transfer vendors made the shift to using HTML5 to govern file uploads/downloads in the web browser between 3-5 years ago, but not Solarwinds. This places it at a disadvantage compared to almost all the solutions we work with.

serv-u key features

Serv-U’s standard option only allows single file upload and download so, in order to upload larger files, users are required to install a Java client into the web browser. This technology is old, insecure and most modern web browsers flag up security warnings when it loads. You risk damage to your company reputation if a trading partner attempts to upload a file, and receives a security warning that is prompted by the web browser – something you as a Serv-U user would have no control over.

To give this some context, Solarwinds’ competitors, Progress, replaced Java applets with HTML5 in 2017 and Globalscape completed the switch in 2018.

The management console interface isn’t a great deal better. The website claims to have a new GUI. It was delivered pre-2019, and clearly frames the previous application interface in a modern browser and menu system:


Serv-U MFT’s claims of providing automation are, in our opinion, overstated. In fact, what they offer is the ability to execute an event based upon certain server events and criteria filters. The server events are limited to:

  • Send an email notification
  • Show a balloon tip in the system tray
  • Write to a Windows event log
  • Execute a command

This is an extremely limited feature set compared to best in breed manage file transfer solutions. The ability to execute an external script or programme does add some value, but there is no further control over the failure of that script to execute, thus failing to provide the visibility and control that are the key drivers behind implementing managed file transfer.

Standard automation features you’d expect from any basic managed file transfer solution, such as folder monitors or timer/scheduled events, are missing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that any workflow automation would need to be driven from outside of Serv-U, begging the question: When a standard SFTP server is half the price, why would you purchase SolarWinds?



I spoke with a previous Serv-U product manager back in 2019 and his response was pretty conclusive:

“Serv-U is not scheduled for anything but maintenance as far as I know. It received an administration facelift but that was just about it; since we added the MFT proxy and there was no appetite to pursue scheduled transfers in a meaningful way, the product is essentially complete.”
Past Serv-U Product Manager

The limited progress Serv-U is making is made worse by irregular software release cadence and the lack of any new features. The release notes clearly show that updates are delivering security enhancements and patches. The Serv-U community board shows an increasing frustration by existing customers wanting answers, specifically to the Java issues, but getting no feedback.



Review websites are becoming an increasingly valid way to gain an understanding of how well a product or company is performing. There are lots to choose from, but in the software marketplace G2 and Capterra are two of the best.

Upon checking G2, we found it has five four-star Serv-U reviews, but even those provided the following feedback:

  • The software depends on Java to run so, if you do not have it installed, Serv-U will not go anywhere
  • Support level could have been improved
  • The user interface can take some time to realise all the features it offers
  • UI is kind of outdated and not responsive – and quite expensive

There have been no positive reviews since 2019.

Most interesting was Solarwinds’ extensive catalogue of product reviews on Capterra. In total, 32 products are listed, and interestingly Serv-U was not among them.

Solarwinds uses a number of reviews on its Serv-U website claiming it’s the best solution. However, what it fails to tell you is that the research firm, Techvalidate, which they used to capture the reviews, was engaged in 2015.



Given both ours and Gartner’s definition of managed file transfer, in my opinion, Serv-U is not MFT. It doesn’t have the requisite basic features and has largely remained the same since it was acquired from the previous vendor in 2012.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, file transfer server, and don’t need a modern interface and the use of a Java applet is acceptable to you and your business partners, then you can still include Serv-U in your shortlist. For most organisations though, for most, that isn’t practical.

    Serv-U MFT Alternatives

    Serv-U is inexpensive in managed file transfer software terms, but the implication of implementing it might cost significantly more further down the road.

    As the independent experts, our team can help you determine which features you’ll need, both now and into the future, based on the challenges you’re likely to experience. Additionally, we’re best placed to help you find the right solution to meet your infrastructure, compliance, security and budgetary needs.

    If you’re considering Serv-U for your project or would like assistance implementing an alternative to replace it, we’re here to help. You can either speak to a technical consultant about your requirements or visit our comparison questionnaire below to get a bespoke recommendation report.

      Solution comparison tool

      Take the risk out of selecting an MFT solution with our free, independent comparison service!

      Our comparison report identifies the right solution for your needs and budget. Complete a series of questions and receive a bespoke product recommendation from our technical experts.

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