Secure File Sharing at the Local Government Strategy Forum

Secure File Sharing being discussed at the Local Government Strategy Forum

Heythrop Park, April 12th – 13th

This month I attended my second Local Government Strategy Forum, at the beautiful Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire. Invited by our partner Maytech, I was the ‘independent industry expert’ and had the pleasure of spending two days in this lovely environment, talking with senior management and C-suite executives from councils all around the UK.


Before attending these events I had, what I believe to be a commonly held opinion, that council workers were underworked and overpaid. I’d read all the stories in the local press about the six-figure salaries and the cancellation of services to ensure their lavish lifestyle. However I’d never stopped to think what they actually did. Listening intently at these events has given me a small insight into the workings of councils, and whilst I’m sure there is still more efficiencies to be realised, I couldn’t have more admiration for the wide range of services they provide and the challenges they have prioritising them to balance the books.

The financial challenges being faced by councils has lead to them adopting a more business-like approach. They are looking at every aspect of their business to drive out wastage and streamline operations, and that’s where my expertise came in.

John Lynch, CEO, Maytech – presenting Quatrix on day one

Over the duration of two days I spoke with in excess of 50 delegates about their data sharing, collaboration, secure file transfer and business process automation challenges. Our experience in this area, working with council’s such as Cambridgeshire County Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and most recently Mid-Sussex Council, ensured we already had a view on some of the challenges being faced for data sharing in the public sector.

As ever there’s not one technology, which addresses the wide range of data sharing requirements of councils, our council customers are using solutions from five of our suppliers. The service we provide is to help them to fully understand their requirements and then choose the right solutions for their needs and budget.

If your council or company needs to address its file sharing, collaboration and secure file transfer requirements why not download one of our free resources below:

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Managed File Transfer Starter Pack

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Maytech Awarded PAN Government Accreditation for their File Sharing Services

Maytech Awarded PAN Government Accreditation for their File Sharing Services

Maytech shows commitment to government secure file transfer having received PAN Government Accreditation. logo-cesg

Maytech has announced that they have been awarded a PAN Government Accreditation from CESG (the Information Security arm of GCHQ – Government Communication Head Quarters) for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE secure file sharing. This follows a substantial audit process and provides reassurance to government purchasers and SiROs as security concerns or questions have already been risk assessed and approved. As all security questions have been pre-authorised by CESG it ensures a faster procurement process. This coupled with the flexibility and scalability Maytech solutions provide ensure large-scale resource efficiencies and cost savings. Over 80% of government data is OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE and it is the onus of the IT or Security Manager to ensure that the platform they purchase for these external transfers is robust and secure.

Maytech’s CEO John Lynch said: “Achieving OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE PAN Government Accreditation is significant for Maytech’s Public Sector offer. PGA makes our secure file sharing services even more accessible and will give public sector organisations added confidence by providing a dedicated service.”

This service accreditation complements Maytech’s ISO 27001 certification. Maytech provide access to IT cloud services through the following agreements:

  • GCloud / Digital Marketplace (GCloud service ID: 6392432375627776)
  • SourceUK
  • Direct (through one of our dedicated Government team)


maytech-logoFind out more about Maytech’s solutions for UK Government – speak to a member of the Pro2col team today on 0333 123 1240.

Products in the Maytech suite feature multi-layered security, granular controls and detailed tracking and logging:

– Quatrix® Business – simple web based secure file sharing.
FTP-Stream – an advanced global data transfer platform.
– Quatrix® Custom – the platform for delivering and integrating customised solutions for complex workflows leveraging the full Quatrix® public API.