Aspera Enterprise Server | Managed File Transfer

Aspera Enterprise Server

Built on patented fasp™ technology, the Aspera Enterprise Server delivers maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions, typically achieving 10-100x speed improvement over FTP/SCP and HTTP, with exceptional end-to-end security, transfer and user management capabilities and bandwidth control.

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Key Features

  • Versatile File Transfers
    Supports various options for transfer initiation, e,g from Desktop,Point-to-point Clients, command line, third party embedded clients or Mobile Uploader app, and transfer management, e.g. Guaranteed delivery times, high-availability cluster configuration, simultaneous multi-location delivery using multi-point transfers and inline compression reduces data set transfer size.
  • Cloud Ready
    Can be deployed in cloud infrastructure, taking advantage of unlimited storage and transfer scale-out with optimised cloud I/O for maximum transfer speeds.
  • Comprehensive Administration
    Administrators have full control over user settings, can configure transfer parameters (preset and real-time), access real-time monitoring and control of all incoming and outgoing transfers and create custom reports.
  • Bullet-proof Security
    Has thorough SSH authentication, AES-128 data encryption in-transit and at-rest, FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module, data integrity verification and allow or block transfer requests by client IP and by cookie patterns.
  • Transfer Automation
    Automate routine transfers as well as pre- and post- delivery file processing. The use of the Aspera Console and the SDK library help.
  • File Format Validation
    Supports the emerging standards for broadcast file format validation such as AS11 / DPP Media. The Server’s extensive framework supports post-transfer processing and validation via plug-ins and integrates with 3rd party software such as Metaglue.
  • Aspera SDK
    Leverage Aspera’s core file transfer functionality through a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Mobile Ap
    Employees, customers and partners have the ability to remotely browse and transfer files and folders with remote Shares.

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