Globalscape EFT Server

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) is a powerful managed file transfer platform that enables your organisation to securely manage file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners. With operational efficiency in mind, EFT features quick and intuitive setup with a flexible modular system so you can purchase exactly what you need, customising your solution to meet your specific requirements.

EFT managed file transfer solution grows and adapts along with your business. If you do start with the EFT Standard and grow into EFT Enterprise, migrating across is also simple, as both standard and Enterprise versions are built on the same platform.


Key Features

  • An Easily Scalable Solution
    EFT managed file transfer solution grows and adapts along with your business. Modules available include;
    HTTPS, SFTP, DMZ Gateway, High Security, OpenPGP, Web Transfer Clients, Mail Express, Mobile Transfer Clients, Business Activity Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting, AS2, Content Integrity Control, Advanced Workflow Engine and WAFS file collaboration
  • DMZ Gateway provides Additional Security
    The DMZ Gateway does not store or process any files (not a store and forward technology). It sits outside the firewall while EFT is within the firewall. Data remains secure because it’s always processed and stored within EFT – behind the firewall. This is especially helpful for those companies who need to remain PCI compliant or deal with highly sensitive data.
  • High Availability, with Active-Active Clustering
    EFT’s active-active deployment provides high availability using two or more EFTs and a load balancer for non-stop availability of the network. Unlike active-passive failover clusters, all of the nodes in the active-active deployment are put to work in production without any standby hardware or clustering software.
  • Two-Factor Authentication with SMS PASSCODE
    Together EFT and SMS PASSCODE offer a balance between strong security and high user convenience. EFT can be configured to connect to SMS PASSCODE to deliver a one-time use passcode via text message (SMS), voice call, email or a mobile app as part of the login process for HTTP, HTTPS or SFTP transfers. Codes are generated in real time when the user enters a correct username and password, and the codes are locked to the session ID of the device for added security. Following the successful entry of the SMS code, the user has full access to their files and folders.

Globalscape News

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