Introduction to file transfer

HelpSystems develop powerful, easy-to-use software for cybersecurity, IT operations management and monitoring, business intelligence, and document management. Their software simplifies everyday operations to help you save time and cut costs, and their experts guide you to hit your goals.

GoAnywhere by HelpSystems allows organisations around the world to automate their IT processes and protect their sensitive data.





  • GoAnywhere MFT is an enterprise-level solution that secures, automates and streamlines file transfers for organizations of all sizes. Deployable on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, this managed file transfer solution helps organizations to achieve regulatory compliance with ease, improve data security and streamline manual processes.


Pro2col has been specialising in GoAnywhere, (previously Linoma software) since 2014. In that time we’ve delivered solutions and continue to support companies from a wide range of industries. Our pre-sales and post-sales teams have achieved the highest level of certification.

Pro2col provides a complete range of services for existing and new HelpSystem users:

  • Bespoke online and onsite product demonstrations
  • Software evaluation for proof of concepts
  • Installation, configuration, testing and partner onboarding
  • End user, help desk and administrator training
  • Health checks and upgrades of your system
  • Review to ensure it meets your future strategy, including disaster recovery and high availability planning
“Pro2col are recognised as experts in the MFT field who fully understand the clients’ needs from concept to final delivery. HelpSystems is proud to count them as our valuable Business Partner for the UK and Ireland.” Terry Heath

Director of Business Development, HelpSystems


GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0 released

GoAnywhere MFT 5.6.0 includes fixes and enhancements, including the new Google map view that provides visibility into worldwide file transfer activity.

Linoma Software Release GoAnywhere MFT v5.2

GA-GoFast-Logo-250Linoma Software announces the release of GoAnywhere MFT v5.2. Amongst a number of enhancements, there are two brand new features: GoFast and Security Domains.