Ipswitch MOVEit File Transfer | Available from Pro2col UK

Ipswitch MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ)

MOVEit Managed File Transfer supports the exchange of files and data between servers, systems and applications within and between organisations, as well as between groups and individuals using a common shared folder with simple browser access for users. MOVEit File Transfer supports the ease of access and secure file transfer that meets or exceeds an organisation’s security and compliance requirements.

Key Features

  • Reliably Transfer Files
    MOVEit File Transfer is a trusted, proven server that has reliably and predictably transferred files for thousands of customers and millions of users. Companies in the most data-sensitive industries – including finance and healthcare – trust Ipswitch to safely – and confidently – send information between employees, business partners, customers, and applications.
  • Connects with any system, server or client, with a broad set of protocols
    MOVEit’s breadth of hardened protocols (HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, and AS2) enables the security and flexibility to connect to almost any system, server or client.
  • Protects files in transit and at rest
    MOVEit File Transfer secures sensitive information – whether in motion or at rest – through all transfer phases. And most importantly, MOVEit File Transfer lets you enforce user, system and file security policies.
  • Visibility and Control
    An administrator is able to control and understand all file movement and status. Resulting in knowing where files are at all times.
  • Meet SLA’s and Compliance requirements
    Pre-defined and customisable reports from a secure, tamper-evident database helping IT to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Neverfail IT Continuity Engine
    MOVEit File Transfer now integrates with Neverfail to enable 24/7 business continuity and satisfies regulatory requirements for file back up.
  • Quick and Simple to use
    MOVEit File Transfer now has a singly sign-on (SSO) and consistent user interface (UI) which drives user adoption.

Modules Available for MOVEit File Transfer;

  • MOVEit Ad Hoc Module
  • Ipswitch Analytics
  • MOVEit Mobile
  • MOVEit High Availability
  • MOVEit Multi-Tenancy Option
  • MOVEit API Interface
“MOVEit offers all the flexibility we need, it’s just a matter of exploiting the right features at the right time for the council. In terms of the success of the project, we know that our users and partners are very happy, we have successfully changed our file transfer methods with minimal disruption, we have very robust measures in place to prevent leaked data, and we’ve exceeded all of our objectives for the project. Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit does what we wanted it to, it does it well and it does it simply, quickly and affordably – that’s like gold dust in the public sector.” Alan Shields

IT Architect Team Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

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