Maytech FTP Stream

FTP-Stream is an advanced data transfer platform providing a unique site with granular administration controls and compliant with global security standards. Transfer protocols include SFTP, FTP and HTTP(S).

Maytech use tier three data centres, and data in transit or at rest is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption to ensure security and compliance.

FTP-Stream Logo

Key Features

  • Security
    Choose from multiple encrypted file transfer methods: HTTPS, FTPS or SFTP
  • Branding
    Brand your FTP-Stream site with your company logo, fonts and corporate colours
  • Dedicated IP
    Each FTP-Stream site has a permanent fixed IP Address
  • Global Presence
    Transfer large files fast anywhere, anytime
  • Website Integration
    Using an FTP-Stream widget, embed your fast file transfer solution directly into any web page
  • Compatibility
    Fully compatible with MAC and PC, all major web browsers and all major FTP Client Software
  • Unlimited Transfers
    Secure cloud storage with no file size limits, no bandwidth charges and unlimited file transfers
  • Reliability
    Benefits from built-in resilience designed for highest availability
  • Compliance
    SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS file sharing meets HIPAA requirements and an FTP-Stream hosted FTP site will pass PCI-DSS Scan
  • Backup
    Your FTP-Stream site is backed up every hour
  • Access Controls
    Detailed management of user access is available on the web-based control panel
  • Comprehensive logging, tracking and reporting
  • Notifications
  • 24/7 Support

Maytech News

Secure File Sharing at the Local Government Strategy Forum

Maytech_Local Govt_SmallI was invited to attend the Local Government Strategy Forum as an independent specialist. During this two day event I spoke to delegates from councils around the UK to get an insight into the challenges they face regarding data sharing, transfer and collaboration.

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Maytech Awarded PAN Government Accreditation for their File Sharing Services

logo-cesgMaytech has announced that they have been awarded a PAN Government Accreditation from CESG (the Information Security arm of GCHQ – Government Communication Head Quarters) for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE secure file sharing. This follows a substantial audit process and provides reassurance to government purchasers and SiROs as security concerns or questions have already been risk assessed and approved.

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