Webinar – Move Big Data up to 100 Times Faster


Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 28th April 2016
Event Time: 10AM – 10.30AM


IBM Aspera Customers have experienced;
  • 20 x reduction in process times – a customer transfer was reduced from 10 hours to 26 minutes
  • 97% increase in network utilisation from 2% to 99%
  • 4x reduction in process turnaround – a media customer reduced their process turnaround from 6 to 1.5 days

So Join Pro2col and IBM for a short webinar to see how Aspera moves big data up to 100s of times faster.

This webinar will cover how IBM Aspera:
  • Globally moves data over standard wide area networks
  • Achieve multi-Gbps speeds over high performance global networks
  • Securely move and access big data – from ANY LOCATION, to ANYWHERE and with ANYONE
  • Provide enterprise-grade user access controls and encryption
  • Utilise ANY infrastructure combination – On Premises, AWS, Google, Azure, SoftLayer