Webinar - Prepare for the Future of Managed File Transfer

Webinar – Prepare for The Future of Managed File Transfer

Event Type: Live Webinar
Event Date: Thursday 29th June 2016
Event Time: 4PM – 4.30PM

You didn’t mean for it to happen, but your company has for years deployed multiple disparate managed file transfer solutions to support its daily B2B and A2A processes, as well as the various other systems that enable reliable data transformation, certificate management, and multi-protocol communications.

Integrating current data requirements already is overwhelming, but also juggling newly emerging integration use cases, including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, big data ingestion, large file transfer, data transformation, and high-speed data transfer protocols? That’s something else entirely.

Webinar Presenters

FKFrank Kenny – Independent MFT Guru and Industry Expert

A former Gartner analyst with more than 15 years experience, Frank Kenny is an expert on managed file transfer and critical business information integration, leading MFT strategy in a variety of executive-level roles.

jtJohn Thielens – 
Chief Technology Officer, Cleo

With more than 30 years of experience in software development, John is responsible for crafting technology strategy, and innovation, and architecting enterprise integration solutions to solve complex integration challenges.

Get advice on modernising and prepping for the future of managed file transfer.