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Pro2col is completely independent and has worked with this niche technology since 2004 which allows us to offer clients a purely unbiased, independent and expert review of MFT vendors


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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What do Pro2col do?

All businesses need to transfer data securely. Pro2col specialise in a niche software called managed file transfer (MFT). MFT enables businesses to secure data in transit and at rest, automate transfers between systems, and integrate with different applications. This supports cybersecurity and compliance and drives business efficiencies. Pro2col is completely independent and has worked with this niche technology since 2004 which allows us to offer clients a purely unbiased, independent and expert review of MFT vendors. Our software experts scope, implement, configure, support and manage MFT solutions for organisations in central and local governmentfinancial servicesretail, logistics, healthcare and other industry sectors.

Why do businesses use Managed File Transfer?

Protecting sensitive data is of paramount importance in today’s environment, both in transit and at rest. Managed file transfer is one among many file transfer options. However, as a centralized method for encrypting, automating, and sending data securely from one place to the next, it stands out among other approaches to file transfer. You may want to use managed file transfer if your organization needs to:

  • Audit or monitor your organization's file transfer activity.
  • Comply with data security laws and regulations.
  • Move to a more secure way to send data.
  • Use adaptable processes that can overcome downtime, reduce human error, and auto-resume.
  • Exchange data with internal and external stakeholders, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Some MFT solutions offer added features that allow you to integrate data flow between the cloud and web apps you use daily, and can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud environment, or as a SaaS solution to give your organisation the flexibility you need to transfer files securely.

Which is the best MFT software solution?

The best four MFT software solutions, according to our independent, expert consultants share a few main benefits including a strong roadmap, connectivity and vendor support. Remember though that the right managed file transfer solution will depend entirely on your business (infrastructure and needs) and budget. Please visit our managed file transfer comparison, which aims to help you find the best managed file transfer software solution for your business.

Why should I choose Pro2col?

We aim to make your proof of concept as straightforward as possible. Our expert technical team can assist setting up your environment, installing the software and getting you started with the application. Our customers also find it useful to plan the success criteria with our team.

As MOVEit's UK partner, we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations. Pro2col’s team of trained technicians have a lot of experience working with MOVEit. They work closely with you – either remotely or onsite – during the design and implementation phases of your software installation. During this process, our technicians can answer any questions you may have and advise on best practice. We can identify prerequisites relating to your existing infrastructure to avoid unexpected issues during implementation. We work closely with your IT Admins to complete the installation and then review the environment post-installation ensure it continues to meet industry standards

UK-Based Support Services

Managed file transfer projects can be complex. That’s where Pro2col come in. We are experts in managed file transfer and provide a wider variety of professional services than any other company in the UK. Our certified consultants, who can support you throughout the life cycle of your project, from mapping out your requirements to ongoing system support.


Maintenance & Health Checks

A health check can uncover bottle necks, security issues, performance gaps and any inconsistencies with best practice. As Managed File Transfer becomes mission critical, this ensures an organisation isn’t taking any unnecessary or unknown risks.

Health Checks

Get the most from Progress MOVEit

The requirements of your business should drive your choice of a file transfer system and its capabilities, not the other way around.

With years of experience behind us and knowing the right questions to ask, Pro2col can help you to determine ideal configurations, setup and solutions you need for your use case.

Advanced Features

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Pro2col are Titanium partners for Progress MOVEit and accredited support services. This is especially helpful for UK businesses utilising MOVEit as its a US solution and time zone delays are an issue for urgent queries. 

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Professional Training Services

MOVEit Training combines classroom and hands-on instruction along with opportunities for informal discussions about MFT capabilities and how to apply them to your environment. It’s the fastest, easiest way to become proficient with this unique software, allowing you to accelerate your business operations.

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