Pro2col Reseller Newsletter | April 2020

The monthly file transfer and automation newsletter for IT resellers

Pro2col Reseller Newsletter | April 2020

The monthly file transfer and automation newsletter for IT resellers

As we do every month we’ve rounded up the key secure file transfer and automation updates and opportunities.

Perhaps your customer wants a solution type you’re not familiar with? Or you want to extend an existing part of their file transfer or automation infrastructure but don’t work with those vendors.

Pro2col are your secure file transfer and automation partners. By working together you add this technology to your portfolio without needing to invest in training or work with multiple vendors. Rely on the Pro2col experts who have been specialising in this technology since 2004. Contact me to discuss margins and our deal registration process.

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Three file transfer & automation solutions

FTP Servers
FTP is a simple and inexpensive way to perform transfers of non-sensitive data. It does not necessarily secure the files.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)
MFT moves files securely, provides visibility for auditing / reporting, automates workflows and integrates with other applications.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates tasks that would ordinarily be done by a person. It is ideal for repetitive manual tasks.

Not sure which is right for your customer? Contact us and our experts will advise you.

Spotlight on desktop RPA

Desktop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a simple way you can help your customers. It streamlines repetitive tasks, eliminating human error and saves time. Plus it’s a cost effective, tactical solution that can be implemented within days.

Find out about the benefits of Automate Desktop, including features, use cases, industry case studies for healthcare, insurance, retail and distribution and more.

Vendor updates

GoAnywhere MFT

HelpSystems have released GoAnywhere MFT version 6.4.2. This includes a number of updates and fixes, including updates to the AS3 features. Contact us if your customers need support upgrading.

File transfer & automation made easy

Whether you work for a small reseller or a large corporation, here’s how we make it easy:

Unrivalled expertise: Pro2col experts have delivered over 800 solutions across the globe, for a wide range of industry sectors and use-cases. We own and manage the world’s only independent and accredited file transfer qualification, the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP). Our expertise makes us ideal partners for this technology.

Single point of contact for the duration of your project:  Our services include – Requirements scoping; Tailored demos; Evaluations and POCs; Quotes; Installations and configuration; Support and maintenance; Training; Documentation.

Healthy margins and deal registration: We support our partners with healthy margins, deal registration, technical and sales training, marketing support and sales resources, training and more.