MFTPaaS: Managed File Transfer in the Cloud

Demand for MFTPaaS (managed file transfer platform as a service) is increasing. Businesses want to reduce the cost of their on-site infrastructure and minimise load on their in-house IT teams. This guide will help organisations decide whether now is the right time to move to a cloud-based MFT infrastructure.

Understanding UK Government Data Flows

Use Cases, Videos
What are the risks associate with UK government data in a hybrid infrastructure? How do you mitigate that? This webinar includes use cases from local and central government organisations.

Video: Introduction to Pro2col

Why is Pro2col the trusted independent partner of 350+ UK public and private sector organisations? Pro2col are specialists in secure, managed file transfer, business process automation and system integration. This video is an introduction to Pro2col from founder and Managing Director, James Lewis.

Video: RPA Demo Tutorials

These videos show you live demo tutorials of how to set up some Robotic Process Automations utilising common applications such as Excel and PDF.

Video: The RPA Journey

What are the most important things to consider when getting started on your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey? This video summarises the key points.

Video: RPA buy-in

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will save your organisation time and money. But how do you convince others? Especially when you're reviewing processes that may have been in place for years?

Video: MFT Analytics

MFT analytics platform is a web-based system, which monitors all transfers executed on the MFT server. It provides in-depth monitoring for technical teams and is simple for your business users too.

Well Pharmacy: Simplifying data management

Case Studies
Wells Pharmacy was looking for a more cost-effective and advanced file transfer solution. Which would simplify and manage their automated and manual data transfers, providing greater control and security.