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Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT)

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Axway is the ideal file transfer choice for innovative companies needing to scale their secure data transfer protocols. With Axway businesses will:

Axway has been helping companies to transform their digital processes for more than 20 years and now has more than 150 solution partners across the globe.

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“Pro2col provide an excellent service, understanding Genomics England’s requirements. They provided innovative solutions to meet some of our less standard requirements, which extended the system beyond its usual configuration.”

Andy Paynton

Systems Director

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What is Managed File Transfer?

Managed File Transfer (MFT) software provides the ability to securely share high value, high-volume business data. MFT removes the complexity of file sharing by facilitating business critical processes while ensuring they meet the security, compliance, and performance requirements necessary to send and receive file data such as money transfers, sensitive data containing personal information, or proprietary business files.

MFT enables all types of file data transfer, including transfers between businesses, people, and apps. These exchanges can be made automatically or on an ad hoc basis both inside and outside of your organisation. When a data transfer is initiated, the MFT solution encrypts the data to ensure it stays secure in motion and at rest. It may also compress the data to improve delivery speed. Once the data is prepared for delivery, it’s sent to the recipient using your chosen set of security protocols.

What are the benefits of Axway MFT?

Axway Managed File Transfer can help organisations accelerate their business processes, delivery of new digital projects and time to revenue by providing a proven enterprise solution that addresses mission-critical data transfer requirements.

Their modern MFT solution makes it easy to scale and adapt with powerful self-service capabilities that reduce flow creation times to minutes while removing the need for IT involvement. Axway MFT is an always-on solution designed at its core to provide robust data security so any business can meet the latest regulatory standards without extra effort, reducing your business risks, and improving their customer experience.

How much does Axway MFT cost?

Axway’s pricing model is based on the number of file transfers sent through production systems. See a comparison of MFT solutions, their advantages, what to consider and their key features in the MFT Software Tools Guide.

Why should I use Pro2col for Axway MFT?

We aim to make your proof of concept as straightforward as possible. Our expert technical team can assist setting up your environment, installing the software and getting you started with the application. Our customers also find it useful to plan the success criteria with our team.

As an expert, independent MFT specialist, we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations. Pro2col’s team of trained technicians have a lot of experience working with the top MFT vendors including Axway.

We work closely with you – either remotely or onsite – during the design and implementation phases of your software installation. During this process, our technicians can answer any questions you may have and advise on best practice. We can identify prerequisites relating to your existing infrastructure to avoid unexpected issues during implementation. We work closely with your IT Admins to complete the installation and then review the environment post-installation ensure it continues to meet industry standards



We have helped many clients get a better understanding of how their business can benefit from MFT software and which solution on the marketplace would be the best fit for their business. Our team will be happy to discuss your MFT Software needs as well as answer any questions.



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