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Pro2col Reseller Newsletter | August 2020

The monthly file transfer, automation and system integration newsletter for IT resellers

Pro2col Reseller Newsletter | August 2020

The monthly file transfer, automation and system integration newsletter for IT resellers

We support you in selling secure file transfer and business process automation solutions. You get healthy margins on these big deals, without the need to invest time and money in training. In fact, we do all the hard work!

Opportunities this month include:

  • Globalscape EFT managed service (regular annual subscriptions starting at £500 per month).
  • Upsell your MessageWay users (deal size of between £30k and £100k).

We’re also really proud to announce that we have delivered $40,000 worth of file transfer training for free. With COVID-19 affecting us all, we wanted to share our expertise at a time businesses need it most.

Lastly, don’t miss the vendor updates at the bottom of the newsletter!

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Opportunities this month

Globalscape EFT needs proper management and maintenance to stay efficient and secure. Most users don’t have the time or expertise, so it’s a great opportunity for you to sell them a managed service wrap. Pro2col provide a complete Globalscape EFT managed service with tiered options depending on requirements.

We also provide managed services across other products: HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT, Progress MOVEit Automation and Transfer. Find out more…

Start the conversation


The MessageWay product has not been developed for several years, yet it is still part of many companies’ infrastructure. With so many specialist staff on furlough, or numbers of staff being reduced, it is important to have this conversation with your customers. Together we can scope their requirements and identify a more comprehensive solution from Progress’ or another vendor that would address their current and future requirements. Don’t forget, talking to your users about this also opens up other great discussions with them around AV, DLP and other areas of their infrastructure.

Vendor updates

SRT WebDrive

WebDrive NextGen is released on August 21. South River Technologies have chosen to move away from yearly upgrades in favour of a continuous improvement model. The new version includes: Improved interface, enhanced performance for Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint connectors, plus Mac users can now get the same functionality as WebDrive for Windows.

Sell professional services now

Many customers don’t apply product updates as they go along, and it’s not possible to support out of date software. If users are really behind on updates, they will need to follow an upgrade path. This can be complex. We’ll carry out the upgrade for them and you get healthy margins on any professional services we deliver for your users.

Pro2col news

$40,000 free file transfer training

And lastly, some really positive news from the file transfer experts. As COVID-19 took a hold on the world, we opened up our Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) training programme, completely free of charge. Almost 140 professionals worldwide signed up and completed the course, which equates to over $40,000 dollars of free training. Thanks to this offer, a huge group of employees have been able to continue developing their careers in lockdown, and are now better equipped to tackle the lingering economic challenges of COVID-19. Read more…

Solution comparison tool

Take the risk out of selecting an MFT solution with our free, independent comparison service!

Our comparison report identifies the right solution for your needs and budget. Complete a series of questions and receive a bespoke product recommendation from our technical experts.

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