We Asked ChatGPT to Write a Blog on MFT

Along with the rest of the world we've been experimenting with ChatGPT over the last couple of months. Having set ChatGPT a range of increasingly ridiculous tasks (culminating in a request for a sonnet about MFT) we decided to test just how capable it was when asked a more sensible question.

So, we asked Open AI's 'Chat GPT' to write us a blog about Managed File Transfer. Here you can see an overview of what information it has to offer and how it writes. Chris Payne, a Director at Pro2col, offers his expert opinion on the software.

What ChatGPT produced:

Managed File Transfer (MFT): Benefits and Importance for Organisations

In today's digital age, organisations of all sizes and industries need to exchange data with their partners, customers, and vendors quickly, securely, and efficiently. However, traditional methods of file transfer, such as email attachments and FTP, are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of modern businesses. That's where Managed File Transfer (MFT) comes in. MFT is a software solution that enables organisations to manage and automate the transfer of files securely and reliably. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using MFT and why it is crucial for organisations to adopt this technology.

Secure File Transfer

One of the most significant benefits of using MFT is that it provides a high level of security for file transfer. Traditional methods of file transfer, such as email attachments and FTP, are not secure and can be vulnerable to hacking, data breaches, and cyber-attacks. MFT, on the other hand, uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure that the data is transmitted securely over the network. It also provides features such as digital signatures and tamper-evident seals that ensure the authenticity and integrity of the transferred files. With MFT, organisations can protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Efficient and Automated File Transfer

MFT allows organisations to automate the transfer of files, which reduces the need for manual intervention and improves efficiency. It enables organisations to set up workflows for file transfer, which can be triggered automatically based on predefined conditions such as time of day, file size, or destination. This automation reduces the risk of errors, eliminates the need for manual intervention, and frees up staff time for more productive tasks. With MFT, organisations can improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual file transfer processes.

Improved Visibility and Control

MFT provides organisations with increased visibility and control over file transfer processes. It provides detailed logs of all file transfer activities, which enable organisations to track and audit file transfer activities for compliance purposes. MFT also enables organisations to set up access controls and permissions for file transfer, ensuring that only authorized users can access the files. It also provides alerts and notifications for failed transfers or other issues, which enables organisations to take corrective action promptly. With MFT, organisations can improve their control over file transfer processes and reduce the risk of data breaches or other security incidents.

Compliance with Regulations

Many industries are subject to regulations that govern how data must be transmitted and stored. These regulations include HIPAA for healthcare, PCI DSS for payment card processing, and GDPR for data protection in Europe. MFT provides a secure and compliant way to transfer data, ensuring that organisations meet the regulatory requirements. It also provides detailed logs and reports that can be used for compliance audits and to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Integration with Existing Systems

MFT can integrate with existing systems and applications, enabling organisations to streamline their file transfer processes. It can be integrated with ERP systems, CRM systems, and other enterprise applications, enabling data to be transferred automatically between systems. MFT can also be integrated with cloud storage solutions such as AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage, enabling organisations to transfer data to and from the cloud securely. With MFT, organisations can improve their data integration and management processes, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.


In conclusion, Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a crucial technology for organisations that need to transfer data securely and efficiently. MFT provides a high level of security, automation, and control over file transfer processes, enabling organisations to comply with regulations and protect their sensitive data. With MFT, organisations can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline their data integration processes.

What do we think of ChatGPT's response? 

Chris Payne:

All-in-all, ChatGPT has produced a blog of excellent quality about a subject we often think of as being niche. It opens up questions of where this technology can lead us, both in the world of MFT and beyond. For thought leadership, this democratisation of content creation poses some existential questions. For MFT specifically, ChatGPT remains a talking point, which has no real relevance to today’s solution application. Instead, we must think beyond the immediate and consider whether AI itself could lead to dynamic MFT, which flexes and changes based on conditions.

Cool tech on the cusp of greatness. We may end up looking back on novelties such as ChatGPT writing blogs as the beginning of a major wave of disruption.


And if you are interested, here is a sonnet about MFT courtesy of ChatGPT:

Oh Managed File Transfer, software divine,
You move our data with such ease and grace,
In the world of business, you surely shine,
Ensuring that our files are in their place.

With protocols that are secure and strong,
You keep our information safe and sound,
And though our files may be a bit long,
With you, we know they'll never be unbound.

Your automation saves us so much time,
And your monitoring keeps us in the know,
With you, our transfers are always prime,
And our workflows always seem to flow.

Oh Managed File Transfer, we sing your praise,
As you make our daily tasks a simple craze.