Team Nadia: The Dorset Hillfort Ultra Challenge

This weekend, Jasmina Chehlarova and Pro2col colleagues Daisy Shaw, Benjamin Smith and Helen Gilbert, tackled the Dorset Hillfort Ultra Challenge. As ‘Team Nadia’ they have raised almost £500 to support Nadia Dafova in her fight against stage 4 melanoma and the search for alternative therapies.

The Challenge


This really was an ultra challenge. Beginning in Cattistock, the 57km route took participants through a demanding course around some of the highest points of West Dorset. But Team Nadia put in months of training for this extremely worthy cause, and together completed all 57km in just under eight hours. Team Nadia is especially important to Jasmina who has known Nadia for over 20 years.

Jasmina said: “Nadia is a really admirable person. She started fresh in the UK after moving from Bulgaria, and she cares for young adults with autism as a frontline healthcare worker”.

In March this year, Nadia received the devastating news that she had a recurrence of melanoma, which she beat almost 10 years previously. There is no treatment available and the NHS does not provide support for alternative therapies. So Nadia and her family began their search for different options elsewhere, leaving no stone unturned. Spurred on by the stories of survivors in similar situations who have overcome this terrible disease, Nadia’s story has reached far and wide, receiving support from those inspired by her strength and positivity in such difficult times. 

Jasmina said: “That’s the brilliant thing about working at Pro2col, people are willing to get involved. Your struggles and the things you fight for are heard. Everyone put in a fantastic effort to complete this challenge and make a real difference in Nadia’s fight”.

You can follow Nadia and her stepping stones at her Just Giving and Go Fund Me page.

It’s not too late to contribute and every pound makes a difference.