Proofpoint Secure Share is End of Life (EOL)

Last year, Proofpoint Secure Share, a trusted cloud-based file-sharing solution, widely integrated into the infrastructure of many businesses, announced its retirement. In response to the news, many have been left disappointed, particularly IT Managers and Security Leaders who now find themselves scratching their heads as to what this means for their business. Thankfully, if you’ve found yourself on this blog, you’re in good hands.  

As seasoned experts, this isn’t our first end-of-life rodeo, and as leading file transfer specialists, we feel compelled to share our knowledge on what this means for your business and help assist you in transitioning to an alternative secure solution.  


Do I need to migrate away from Proofpoint Secure Share now it’s End of Life? 

In short, yes. Humans are creatures of habit, we don’t like change. So naturally, when you’re so use to a piece of technology and it suddenly becomes unavailable, it can be a challenge to figure out the next steps. However, businesses should see this as an opportunity to reassess and review their current file transfer requirements.

With Proof point Secure Share moving to end of life, you may find yourself searching for an alternative secure file transfer (SFT) solution, and before you begin to scour the marketplace, it’s important to understand the risks associated to your business if you do nothing.   


Risks of not replacing Proofpoint Secure Share  

When it comes to file transfer operations, the retirement or replacement of essential tools like Proofpoint Secure Share can pose significant risks to businesses. Failing to take action will inevitably leave your company’s operations vulnerable. Understanding these risks is crucial. 


1. Business Continuity and Disruption to Workflows  

File transfer operations underpin many key business processes. Businesses with solutions integrated into their daily operations risk their workflows being disrupted if they do not transition to a new solution in good time.   

2. Staff time

Without a clear plan to transition to an alternative solution, you risk your employees being pulled into spending hours of their day finding workarounds and managing technical challenges in getting data to recipients. Inevitably, you’ll be wasting valuable time that could be better spent on core business tasks. 

3. Untraceable data sharing and Security Vulnerabilities  

If staff are no longer able to access Proofpoint Secure Share, they may resort to finding an alternative solution for sharing files, unbeknownst to a business's IT or security team, opening the door to security vulnerabilities and leading to the creation of shadow IT. Naturally, this scenario raises many concerns; what data has been shared, who has it been shared with, and can we revoke access to the data?  

4. Compliance concerns 

We’re all familiar with the strict regulatory requirements regarding data privacy and security. The retirement of Proofpoint Secure Share means businesses must find an alternative secure solution in order to maintain compliance. 


Easy, Simple-To-Implement and Cost-Effective Alternatives to Proofpoint Secure Share 

In the ever-growing landscape of Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS), businesses formerly reliant on Proofpoint Secure Share are finding themselves at a crossroads, seeking secure file transfer alternatives to underpin their infrastructure.  

 With over 72 years' worth of experience working with File Transfer tools and having supported over 1500 businesses across more than 30 countries, we understand file transfer inside out. So, if you’ve come this far and are pondering the question 'what are the best file transfer alternatives to Proofpoint Secure Share?’, there’s no need to go hunting for the answers. Our technical experts have already done that job for you…  



FileCloud, a hyper-secure content collaboration solution, seemingly offers almost every feature available in the world of EFSS and more – making it stand out as a leading secure alternative for businesses transitioning from Proofpoint Secure Share. FileCloud offers the sharing capabilities, workflow automation and desktop/mobile agents which we expect from most EFSS solutions. However, where the solution really comes into its own is its security stance, hence its marketing team capitalising on the term “hyper-secure”. 

You can read more about FileCloud and the range of leading products in the marketplaces with Pro2col’s free EFSS guide.   



Managed File Transfer 

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a great alternative for businesses moving from Proofpoint Secure Share. MFT solutions like Progress MOVEit, Fortra GoAnywhere, Globalscape EFT, Thru, Axway SecureTransfer, and Coviant Diplomat, all offer comprehensive security features, compliance-focused functionalities and robust auditing capabilities.  

Ultimately, the best product for you is going to depend entirely on your business needs and requirements. With 72 years’ collective experience in file transfer, this is a journey that we, at Pro2col, are all too familiar with and are there to support you every step of the way. Why not start by taking our file transfer comparison quiz? Tell Us Your Needs. We'll Find Your Perfect Fit. 


How to replace Proofpoint Secure Share?  

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to transition away from Proofpoint Secure Share. Leave it to our technical experts to handle the switch for a seamless replacement process. Having worked with over 1,500 organisations around the world with their file transfer systems, we’ve been trusted by some of the biggest enterprise businesses to safeguard their data, stay compliant and keep their businesses operations running healthy. When it comes to all things file transfer, who you gonna call? Pro2col! 

Whether it involves selecting the right alternative solution, managing the migration process, or providing ongoing managed services support and training, Pro2col is ready to help with all your file sharing needs. Get in touch with one of our experts today. 


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