Meet the Team

James Lewis

Managing Director

James has an unhealthy obsession with all things MFT. He can happily spend many hours researching the marketplace and also uses his knowledge to provide best advice to prospective and existing customers.

James also delivers one-to-one training to new members of the team. He’s committed to helping them develop their knowledge of MFT.

As a passionate environmentalist, James often organises beach cleans, recycles everything he can including crisp packets and encourages sustainability. These values are also reflected in our customers too.

 Over the years James has created a business hub, where local independent businesses support one another in time of need.

Matthew Kyprianou

Operations Director

Matthew’s innate curiosity has helped him enjoy success at each stage of his career. He naturally loves to ask questions, challenge the status-quo and create strategies that propels the company forwards.

He is a firm believer that an optimistic approach even at the most difficult times will allow you to achieve your goals no matter how small or big. This outlook allows Matthew to enjoy both the physical and mental challenges that work and life bring.

Having previously played football to a high level, Matthew enjoys coaching his son’s under 8 football team. He loves being able to give back to the community and share his coaching tips to the next generation of footballers.


Chris Payne

Technical Director

Chris is not your traditional techie with server racks under the stairs. He advocates for a healthy work/life balance, saving his love for technology for work and developing his passion for craft beer at home. Chris is a qualified brewer and has on occasion whipped out the brewing equipment. He’ll be up for a Friday pint.

He is committed to providing outstanding customer service, often building relationships with customers lasting past project delivery.

There’s capability in everyone to learn a new skill from seeing, hearing and doing. That’s why Chris embraces a difficult task and is happy to assist in areas which may not be his strong suit.

Over the years, Chris has become more passionate about the environment. He does what he can do help, opting to buy loose fruit and vegetables to reduce plastic waste.


Michael Ramalho

Head of Marketing

Michael is a passionate advocate for digital marketing, community building and for leveraging data to drive marketing decisions. He encourages his team to experiment, learn and iterate and fail from time to time. He always says that Marketing is all about getting things wrong, so that you can get things right.  

A flair for the creative hasn’t dimmed his ability to pepper his copy with bad puns and exclamation marks. Which means that every proofread of his work begins with an immediate exclamation purge. Despite this one or two tend to slip through the net!

To continue to learn and grow Michael committed to spending at least 15 minutes a day reading. Sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for work. He managed a successful 1016 day stretch, before missing one day for the birth of his daughter.

Having grown up in Southern Africa, Michael is a passionate conservationist and a supporter of a couple of small community charities in his old hometown.


Luke Nurdin

Operations Support Specialist

As Operations Specialist Luke is continually looking for opportunities to improve business processes to increase efficiency.

He’s able to prioritise tasks that moves the company forwards, whilst also maintaining the day-to-day business functionalities.

Having started as a Sales Administrator, Luke has in depth knowledge of all the sales processes. As he has progressed through the company, he is committed to providing support to colleagues in all areas.

If you need a laugh Luke is the go to person. Unless you don’t like puns. He’s the resident quiz master and regularly boosted morale with team quizzes during lockdown.


Jasmina Chehlarova

Channel Manager

Jasmina enjoys expanding her knowledge and is always proactive in her approach to learn more about channel partnerships.

Growing up in Bulgaria and having worked in International Sales as well as for the German & Swiss Market, Jasmina embraces working with our channel partners worldwide.

Her curious nature has helped her adapt to living in the UK. She enjoys learning about UK customs, phrases, traditions and finding new areas to explore. She is also an avid supporter of well-being and is part of the company’s charity ininitatives.

Jasmina is honest and willing to admit when something is not within her skill-set, which takes courage and is much more beneficial to the wider team.

Richard Auger

Principal Technical Consultant

Richard has been working in the fields of file transfer and middleware for around twenty years. He’s currently Pro2col’s lead Technical Consultant helping clients get the most out of their MFT solution.

One of the reasons why Richard loves tech is his curious nature. Tech is constantly evolving, so he is always trying the latest tech releases and testing their limits.

No job is too difficult for Richard. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to get a job finished, whether that’s at work or a project at home.

In his free time, Richard can be found tending to his garden where he has ‘wilded’ large parts to bring more wildlife to the area.


Michelle Grimaldi

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, there’s not much going on at the company without Michelle knowing about it. From process improvements, new systems, product launch plans and client onboarding you can guarantee Michelle is involved.

Being part of the operations team is all about finding the best solutions. This requires the ability to think outside of the box. If Michelle is given a problem, she is able to explore solutions to find the best one.

Outside of work she is studying for her PRINCE2 certification to enhance her project management skillset.

Michelle is also involved in local community events. Recently taking part in the Solent beach clean and helping out with her daughter’s parent association events.

Helen Gilbert

Finance Officer

Helen likes to stay on top of any HMRC PAYE changes and communicates this to the wider team.

When presented with a challenge, Helen believes the best way to learn is to try figure out the solution yourself first and then ask for help if required. She will go above and beyond to try help colleagues and her inquisitive nature helps her solves problems.

Outside of work Helen loves to run, recently attending the run festival where she met Paula Radcliffe.

It’s important to Helen to support one another within the community. She regularly helps out in her neighbourhood by making sure everyone has what they need, especially during lockdown.

Lindsay Lewis

Communications Officer

Lindsay has worked across various teams in her 14+ years with Pro2col. She now works part-time and an important aspect of this is her ability to communicate with colleagues about project tasks and deadlines.

She’s not afraid to step outside of her comfort zone to learn new skills. Over the years Lindsay has become well equipped with all major design software from self-learning and online courses.

She is a team-player and is the first to volunteer her time flexibly to fit around other projects.

At home, Lindsay has channelled her creative side by becoming a fully qualified nail technician. She offers her services as prizes for local charity competitions too.

Ye-Kwan Pang

Marketing Executive

As a Marketing Executive Ye-Kwan is always keen on keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

Whilst we want every campaign to be a success it’s courageous to admit when things aren’t going to plan. Ye-Kwan’s able to adapt to unexpected situations and think of solutions. Her commitment to the team has been shown a number of times. Most recently, adjusting to last minute changes for the MOVEit User Group event.

In her spare time she enjoys challenging herself to climb the highest peaks. When this isn’t an option Ye-Kwan walks her dogs- even when it’s raining. That’s commitment, especially when your dog is white.

Aiden Tidy

Head of Sales

Aiden believes you can never know too much. He’s currently undertaking a few courses at home on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

He has a lot of experience working for large commercial companies and is committed to helping Pro2col grow as a business.

Aiden is never one to turn down an opportunity; he moved from Birmingham to Bournemouth in a space of a week without ever visiting or viewing the apartment first!

At home, he loves nothing more than getting cuddles from his adorable rescue cat Luna. He also regularly donates to his local animal shelter and hopes all animals go to a loving home.

Katie I’Anson

Head of HR

Katie’s role as Head of HR means she is routinely keeping up-to-date with employment legislation and best practice. This helps Katie improve our people processes to ensure Pro2col is a great place to work.

Katie is naturally a people person and is not afraid to speak up when something isn’t in the best interest of our people or communities.

She’s constantly strives to be the best version of herself, both professional and personally. She has recently completed her CIPD level 7 Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management.

Katie enjoys stepping outside of her comfort zone. She will be taking part in the Dorset firewalk, stepping on hot coals to raise money for Parkinson’s.

Jacob Walker

Renewals & Business Development Agent

As a Renewals & Business Development Agent, Jacob uncovers what direction partners, vendors and users are looking for and consequently how Pro2col can add value to their business needs.

Jacob embraces trying new innovative methods to develop both new and existing clients.

He is committed to progressing his career in IT by expanding his knowledge and skill set by studying for the CFTP qualification.

A big part of Jacob’s job is helping to create an online MFT community. He takes an active part in Pro2col’s user group events to ensure our clients are getting maximum return on investment with their products.

Helder Vieira

Technical Support Analyst

As a technical support analyst, Helder enjoys getting to grips with the latest MFT platforms to better help solve client queries.

Although Helder would like to have all the answers on-hand, sometimes this isn’t the case. Technology is always changing and the best way to learn is to promote shared learning between the team.

He prides himself as a real team player and is the first to step in to offer any assistance. These values also apply outside of work. Helder often helps out in the local community, volunteering at the local homeless shelter providing IT support.

Elijah Bible

Technical Support Analyst

Since joining Pro2col, Eli has passed both the CFTP and MOVEit sales exams. He enjoys learning and is proactive in developing his knowledge by keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

As a Technical Analyst, Eli is committed to providing the highest level of customer service by keeping the tickets process running smoothly.

Recently, Eli has taken up skateboarding. It was something he had wanted to do for a long time but was fearful of injuries. Unfortunately, there’s been a few injuries, but this hasn’t stopped him!

Eli likes to be involved in community initiatives. He believes lives can be turned around with a helping hand. If he passes a homeless person he will buy them a hot drink or food and plans to volunteer at a food bank or kitchen to further give back to the local community.

Sam Fry

Technical Consultant

As a data and systems architect, Sam is always looking for ways to increase the accuracy and automation of data for efficiencies.

Naturally, there’ll be both successes and failures when developing new data processes but Sam believes that each experience is valuable in facilitating continued technical and personal improvement.

Sam is a big advocate for shared learning and makes herself available to the wider team to both share her skills and also learn from them.

By now, you’ll know that Sam loves data. She believes in maximising shared data and resources so we continue to  empower our customer community.

Ashley Wallis

Technical Support Analyst

Ashley has a love for all things technology and after a brief spell working as an Account Manager he has found his way back to the front line of all things tech.

Working in technology naturally calls for an inquisitive person and Ashley is no different. He loves keeping on top of the latest IT trends, as well as keeping an open mind to learning new skills that will help further his knowledge.

His curious nature also extends to his love of travel. On Ashley’s bucket list is a trip to Kenya, most specifically a safari excursion!

James Pelham

Account Manager

James is a natural people person, so it’s only fitting he found his calling in Account Management. He enjoys building relationships with clients and helping them achieve their business goals.

Whilst no-one is perfect, James is a firm believer that it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all. So it will come as no surprise that James is always looking to expand his horizons, whether that’s reading, listening to podcasts or travelling the world (Singapore was a favourite)- every day is a new day to learn.

At Pro2col, James has chosen to join the environment and sustainability group and can’t wait to get stuck in to make a difference in our community.