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Managed File Transfer for Councils

Secure highly sensitive data relating to education, social care, tax collection, housing etc and avoid expensive penalties and fines.

“Our users and partners are very happy,
we have successfully changed our file transfer methods with minimal disruption and we’ve exceeded all of our objectives for the project.”
Alan Shields, IT Architect Manager. Cambridgeshire County Council.


County, local, district and borough councils rely on the ability to communicate and share information with external bodies quickly and efficiently.

Managed file transfer solutions can integrate with a range of business technologies to streamline operations, secure sensitive data and improve productivity.

Examples of how managed file transfer solutions can help.

By using an easy to use web interface Councils can accept planning applications, trading standards documents and other submissions via an efficient and customisable web portal. This gives external users the ability to upload files to the council with backend automation notifying the correct personnel when they arrive and even integrating into a document management system.

By using Ad-hoc messaging Councils can share confidential data with external bodies, such as care agencies and foster parents. This means that highly sensitive information can be shared with users in different locations, whilst removing the danger of documents going astray in the mail or via other insecure transfer methods.

Let Pro2col help you:


  • Comply with the security legislation outlined in The Data Protection Act.
  • Collate a full audit trail & comprehensive reporting facilities for compliance purposes.
  • Gain full control and visibility of the data moving inside & out of the organisation.
  • Reduce the costs associated with administering & managing outdated FTP systems.
  • Remove the burden that large email attachments place on email servers – enhancing performance & reducing storage costs.
  • Save money on inefficient, untimely courier services and encrypted disks.
  • Provide a collaborative environment for sharing data with third parties.

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Cambridgeshire County Council
West Sussex County Council
Newcastle City Council
Wolverhampton City Council
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