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Managed File Transfer for Healthcare Organisations

Secure and protect highly sensitive patient data, whilst enabling access from authorised users in different departments or from third parties.

“As managed file transfer specialists, Pro2col are leaders in their field and I would highly recommend them for any MFT project.”
Richard Chapman, Northern Europe Sales Director. Ipswitch.


Managed file transfer solutions assist the NHS to meet the following three cornerstone principles:
– Data must be secure from unauthorised access
– Data must be safeguarded against unauthorised modification
– Data must be accessible when and to who it is required.

There are so many different sectors of the healthcare industry, which all need to share and exchange information; full visibility, comprehensive tracking & auditing features, securing data in transit, increasing control & improving efficiency are just a few of the requirements of a file transfer solution.

Examples of how managed file transfer solutions can help.

Securing data is a regulatory necessity, and using a combination of features, managed file transfer products can secure the data moved between agencies, both in transit and at rest. Data can be moved using a number of different secure methods and by leveraging either automatic encryption using PGP or storing to an encrypted repository with hidden keys, data can be protected at rest.

Mobile medical notes; Using the mobile option available on many of the managed file transfer systems available, Health Care providers can transfer medical notes between tablet devices and central records, enabling home visitors to have up to date patient notes and the ability to update them before leaving site and seeing the next patient.

Pro2col can help you to:

  • Simplify and secure the exchange of confidential patient data both inside and out of the organisation.
  • Ensure compliance with stringent security legislation such as The Data Protection Act, avoiding potential fines and penalties enforceable by the ICO.
  • Eliminate the risks associated with the use of unsolicited, insecure file transfer methods such as email, CD’s and unencrypted USB devices.
  • Remove the burden that large email attachments place on email servers – enhancing email performance and storage costs.
  • Reduce the costs associated with administering and managing outdated FTP systems.

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