Why is Pro2col the trusted independent partner of 350+ UK public and private sector organisations? Pro2col are specialists in secure, managed file transfer, business process automation and system integration. This video is an introduction to Pro2col from founder and Managing Director, James Lewis.

Video: An introduction to Pro2col

Pro2col have been specialising in secure, managed file transfer since 2004. Here’s why 800+ businesses choose us to scope, implement, configure, support and manage their MFT solution:

  • Completely independent: We only sell solutions which our experts have thoroughly vetted, which deliver excellent support and have evidence of a future-proofed roadmap
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, Cyber Essentials and C-Level carbon balanced
  • A Crown Commercial Service supplier, listed on the government’s Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 12 framework
  • We hold the highest possible vendor partnership status for the leading solutions on the market, including HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT, Globalscape and Progress MOVEit
  • Our experts are all vendor-certified and Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) accredited
  • Gartner business partners

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Video Transcript

My name’s James Lewis, I’m the founder and managing director of Pro2col, l secured and managed file transfer plays a crucial part in a hybrid integration strategy, but it’s a key component from the point of view of file-based workflows, uh, and is a, an enabler in a digital transformation strategy, enabling greater security and compliance.

Pro2col adds value to its customers by taking the risk. Selecting implementing and managing secure managed file transfer technologies. Uh, we’ve become the trusted partner of our customers. At Pro2col we’re really proud of the work we put into, uh, attaining the certifications that we have, uh, where ISO 9001, 27001 satisfied.

We’re a Gartner partner, we’re listed numerous times on the government framework, G-Cloud 12. And we’re also the owners and developers of the certified file transfer professional program, which is the only vendor independent managed file transfer training program worldwide. There’s some of the business problems that we solve for our customers in implementing the technologies we specialise in, we’re able to help them to automate business processes.

We’re able to enable them in a hybrid integration strategy with moving data to and from the cloud, uh, is really by securing the movement of the data. So there’s a much more than way security and compliance and integration is becoming a key component with regards to moving data, to and from cloud storage environments and sass applications.

Our niche focus enables us to work with some fantastic organisations. We support the public sector, have customers in local authorities, central government, various agencies, and other organisations. And we also support the private sector, have organisations with customers in SMEs. Mid-market large enterprises, pretty much across every industry.

Our customers have the option to procure either directly or via the reseller channel. So value-added resellers or system integrators or for the public sector. We’re on G-Cloud 12. Honesty and trustworthiness are the core values at Pro2col and they flow through to the relationship we have with our customers. We’ve become their trusted partner and extension of the team.

We help our customers shortcut the process of understanding their requirements, selecting and implementing the right solution for their needs, whether that’s both their current and future needs. And that incorporates both on-premise solutions, entirely hosted or cloud based solutions and a hybrid option too.

We share learning with our customers and take responsibility for this key component of their infrastructure. We’ve been partners with our vendors for more than a decade and have been in the managed file transfer space since 2004. Which has meant. We’ve got to see a lot of changes within this industry and the requirements of customers, which has helped us to feed into our vendors, product roadmaps, where our customers really benefit is the value added services that we provide alongside the software.

We differentiate ourselves from our vendors with a range of services that we offer delivered by our technical experts. The aim of our technical team is keep things simple for our customers through the scoping process to find the right solution for you, providing a UK based support and UK office hours, or a range of technical service professional services from pre-sales right through to the ongoing managed services.

The technical team have unrivalled expertise, all customer facing staff, are vendor certified, and CFTP accredited. 98% of our customers have rated our support team as good or excellent. We resolve 90% of our technical support tickets without involving the vendor. Over 95% of our customers renew their annual support and maintenance or subscription service with us.

And we get fantastic feedback from our customers,

our company, ethos is doing things right, doing the right thing. That underpins everything that we do as a business. Our goals are to drive continual improvement of the managed file transfer marketplace. And as we do, so share that knowledge and learning with both our customers and our vendors. Everything we do, we will continue to do in an ethical and sustainable way.


And we continue to play an active part in our local community.