What are the risks associate with UK government data in a hybrid infrastructure? How do you mitigate that? This webinar includes use cases from local and central government organisations.

Video: Understanding UK Government Data Flows - Use Cases

Files are routinely transferred across multiple services and organisations, both internally and externally. It’s a part of everyday business, but with that comes the need to ensure the process of transferring sensitive files is secure.

A part of this is having an understanding of data flows. Data flows is the movement of data between systems, people and community trading partners. There’s a lot of movement from the initial source to the end destination. And having a grasp of what data is moving and where is crucial in protecting its security.

This webinar will introduce you to data flows. It looks at the risks around data flows and how this risk changes with a hybrid infrastructure. It also includes real life government use cases, looking at the challenges public sectors face in securing their data. And most importantly how to solve them. This is relevant for both central and local government organisations.

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