Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates tasks that would ordinarily be done by a person. It is ideal for repetitive manual tasks. Find out how it can help your business become more efficient.

Video: What is RPA

Robotic process automation – or RPA – is a great option for businesses wanting to automate manual processes. It’s a type of software that will complete tasks ordinarily done by a member of staff.

RPA uses agents, which are essentially software robots, to interact with the systems the same way a human does. This might include clicking buttons, typing in login credentials in a website, moving data from one place to another, reading from a PDF. The list is endless.

RPA can be installed on a PC, a physical server, or a virtual machine. It was a life-saver for some businesses during the pandemic, who were juggling reduced workforces against a sudden influx of tasks (for example, travel companies processing refunds).