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Transport and logistics companies need to be able to transfer data internally and externally to partners. This process requires efficiency and accuracy. Organisations may struggle if they have multiple systems in place, each requiring its own maintenance.

As a result, the supply chain of manufacturing through to delivery is impacted. Transport communication is also affected, leading to unsatisfactory customer experience.

Here, you’ll see a range of use cases that demonstrate how managed file transfer, automation and integration support security and compliance, whilst driving business efficiency and enabling a better customer experience.

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Transport and logistics services solution stories

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Enhanced visibility to track each stage of the supply chain process

Monitoring ticket sales

Ticket sales are monitored within the public transport sector. Remote agents are used to track the movement of ticket data between trains and buses. This gives an overview of when the train or bus is at full capacity. Traffic and route information is also processed through remote agents to help keep public transport running efficiently.


Transport and logistic companies need to be able to communicate information in a secure manner between themselves and many depots. They can do so through an AS2 connection which transmits EDI messaging to and from the depots.

Business continuity

Manufacturing companies generate order sheets and send them to individual factories. Orders are in large quantities and vital to the supply chain process. This makes the transfer of data critical. To ensure business continuity, an active-active setup is deployed.

Consolidating and automating data for improved efficiency

Use cases by department

Saving time and resource to improve efficiency


Secure remote working is increasingly important post-COVID. Secure file transfer and collaboration functionality allows staff to have secure remote access to company files and work collaboratively on the same version. It also allows them to transfer files securely outside the organisations, without resorting to insecure, consumer grade apps. All exchanges remaining in-line with the company security policy.

Human resources (HR)

System-to-person automation can send and audit the secure distribution of HR documents, including contracts.

In fact, HR departments can deliver the complete employee onboarding process with both front and back end system automation. This removes manual steps and improves accuracy. For example, the employee or HR contact can fill in a configurable web form, which includes e-signing and dating. Then this can automatically be exported as a pdf contract and stored in the repository. Next a fully automated user provisioning workflow can be executed, setting up access and logins for in systems like ActiveDirectory and ERP, emailing the user their login credentials.


Marketing teams regularly share large image or video files, which are too big for email. They often resort to risky consumer grade, insecure file sharing apps.

A controlled file sharing environment can easily integrate with existing email infrastructure, allowing users to share large files. There are additional security controls, administrative access and visibility of all transfers. Permissions can be set in line with data access policies so that staff only access the data they need in order to do their job.


Finance departments can manage invoicing, orders and payroll documents using automated workflows.

System-to-system automation can trigger regular batch transfers and onward data gathering processes to populate spreadsheets or reporting.

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