Guarantee Your Managed File Transfer Project Is A Success

Pro2col helps businesses select, implement & support managed file transfer solutions, to secure their data, automate workflows and achieve regulatory compliance

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Are you ready for Managed File Transfer?

If you’re new to managed file transfer, this is the ideal starting place for you.

Find out if MFT will benefit your organisation with our MFT Guide, in which we discuss the challenges associated with securely exchanging large files or sensitive data.

is your business ready for MFT

Success Starts With Clear Project Requirements

To guarantee the success of your project, it is imperative that you’ve correctly scoped the business requirements.

We’ve distilled our knowledge into this getting started guide. Find out how to ensure your managed file transfer project is a success, bringing it in on time and budget.

Getting Started with MFT

Compare Managed File Transfer Software

Find out which leading MFT solutions best suit your feature requirements.

A side by side independent comparison to narrow your evaluation shortlist, covering key features, business policies, FAQ’s and more…

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Building Your Managed File Transfer Business Case

You’ve selected your MFT solution and now submit a business case to ensure budget sign off.

Pro2col’s guide to building your business case provides five key areas for you to focus on, to ensure you get approval first time.

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