Pro2col helps businesses select, implement & support managed file transfer solutions, to secure their data, automate workflows and achieve regulatory compliance


Independent Experts

Pro2col are recognised as Managed File Transfer industry experts. As an independent consultancy, we choose to work with suppliers of the best Managed File Transfer software. Since 2003, we’ve evaluated a great number of technologies both in the lab and with customers enabling us to be able to quickly recommend the right solution for your requirements and budget.

Here To Help

Our complete range of professional services means we’re able to help you whatever stage you’re at in your project. If you’re just starting out, we can help map your requirements.   Equally if you already have Managed File Transfer software in place, we can provide system health checks, consulting services, product training and Managed File Transfer training and certification.

Got Your Back

We work extremely closely with our suppliers, which gives us a privileged view of future features and product roadmaps. Working with Pro2col ensures you implement a Managed File Transfer solution that’s right for now and can scale with your future requirements. Our ongoing account management and support sets us apart. You can rest assured that you’ll be kept up to date with relevant product updates and that our team of Managed File Transfer consultants are here to help support your business.

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The Expert Guide distills our knowledge from more than 700 Managed File Transfer
projects into a resource to get your project started.

It includes;

  • What is Managed File Transfer, EFSS, Big Data, High Availability etc?
  • What problems Managed File Transfer can solve? With real life use cases.
  • 40 key considerations for a successful Managed File Transfer project.
  • A side by side comparison of eight leading Managed File Transfer solutions.

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3-drivers2FTP is everywhere: built into Microsoft products, available as a free client or via a range of FTP server solutions – some better than others. Despite a reputation for being outdated and unsecure, FTP and SFTP are still highly used. So is FTP or SFTP enough for your needs or do you need Managed File Transfer?

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