The Next Frontier for Data Security: Insights from Safeguarding Fortune 500 Data Transfers

In this progressively data-driven world, organisations must prioritise robust data security. Discover why and learn more about how data security is set to evolve over the next two decades in this informative on-demand webinar brought to you by Pro2col and Axway.

Hear from Chris Payne, Pro2col's Director of Technical and Strategic Alliance, Chandu Manda, Field CTO at Axway MFT Solutions, and other industry experts, as they explain what needs to be done to protect against bad actors from stealing your data.


On-Demand Webinar by Axway and Pro2col

Major corporations and businesses worldwide operate on data, and its growth is exponential. This data can make organisations more efficient, more targeted, and more profitable. However, protecting and safeguarding this data is increasingly vital.

Over the past two decades the challenges of moving, securing, automating, and protecting corporate data have had to evolve to cater for the evolving threat landscape and rapidly changing business requirements.

Mandated and aggressive cloud adoption, new regulations and compliance requirements, growing integration patterns, the Great Resignation’s impact on technical teams and the adoption of a zero-trust security model have all driven the implementation of file transfer technology in the enterprise space. 

Watch now to:

  • Review how data transfer requirements continue to change
  • Understand what has been done to secure that data from bad actors
  • How Data Security is set to evolve over the next two decades


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