World’s Leading File Transfer Consultancy Celebrates 20th Birthday

As a Dorset-based business specialising in file transfer solutions & services, we at Pro2col are silently shaping the daily lives of millions around the globe. Today, we mark a significant milestone as we celebrate our 20th birthday.

Pro2col Birthday-2Founded in 2004 and proudly rooted in our home county of Dorset, we have been instrumental in shaping the operations of some of the World’s most notable brands. File Transfer systems sold, implemented and supported by our team of experts underpin the secure and automated movement of data across all sectors of the economy, including retail, logistics, utilities, finance, healthcare and local and national government industries. Despite the significant work we do, our existence remains largely unrecognised to the general public, with many unaware of the pivotal role we play behind-the-scenes to safeguard your sensitive data and ensure the wheels of motion continue to turn.

As consumers, we rarely consider the processes that shape our daily lives. Whether it’s placing an ecommerce order for next-day delivery; law firms sharing legal documents with clients; banks handling contracts; understanding how our medical records are securely transferred between healthcare providers; or even in the height of the pandemic, when millions of COVID tests were processed daily - we rarely pause to question how our most critical data is moved. The secure file transfer solutions implemented by our 30-plus strong team at Pro2col enable the seamless, automated and secure transfer of data, impacting and enhancing the lives of everyone.

The Pro2col TeamOur growth has accelerated as the needs, behaviours, and demands of individuals - and the organisations catering to them - have adapted to the increasingly digital and time-critical landscape of today’s world. But whilst this has helped fuel 30% YOY growth, it is not the whole story. Our founder and Managing Director James Lewis attributes the ongoing success to one thing:

"Our laser-guided focus on being the absolute best in our niche has given us the edge. When enterprise organisations need help transferring files and data, we are their first port of call. We've got the experience, having implemented over 1,500 solutions and we have the heritage that ensures our clients continue to work with us over the long-term. We simply couldn't deliver that level of service excellence if we allowed ourselves to be distracted by every shiny new tool that the software industry dreams up. We've got over a century of combined expertise in Managed File Transfer - that is our key-driver for growth. "

Built on the foundation of ‘doing things right, doing the right thing,’ we pride ourselves on being a product-agnostic specialist consultancy of Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions and services. James Lewis continues:

"MFT solutions are often erroneously assumed to have the same basic characteristics and features. Up to a point that may be true, but where Pro2col offers serious added-value is the work we do with our clients to identify the best solution for their existing needs - and to future-proof that choice for the years to come. That's why over the last five years’ we've worked hard to expand the portfolio of file transfer solutions we have expertise with. Today, we can offer our clients a range of 15 different transfer tools, each with differing capabilities and costs to provide the most comprehensive MFT solution set offered by any consultancy - globally. And we're continuing to add strings to our bow."

James Pelham, Enterprise Account Manager and Rebecca Warman, Senior Operations SpecialistAlongside our range of MFT solutions and consultative selling, we offer a full suite of services from pre-sales, installation, technical support, managed services, cloud hosting, training bootcamps and our own vendor-agnostic training programme – CFTP (Certified File Transfer Professional). We have positioned ourselves as the World’s leading File Transfer, Collaboration & Workflow Specialists. With a long-term vision to become the primary recognisable brand and authority in the global file transfer market. The entire team is excited for the promising future that lies ahead.

On a final note, as we commemorate two decades of excellence specialising in file transfer solutions & services, we are excited to unveil a temporary makeover of the iconic Pro2col logo. While temporary, this logo recognises our ongoing dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and serving our customers with the highest standards of quality and service.

2024 Logo