Ensuring Quality & Security: Pro2col Maintains Excellence with ISO Standards

As the leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) consultant in the UK & Europe, Pro2col takes pride in ensuring our own accreditations are maintained to the highest standards and followed meticulously to ensure high level delivery, whilst maintaining stringent industry practices with regards to information security. 


Pro2col ISO Standards Written By Operations Director Matthew

ISO9001 and ISO27001 are household names in business when it comes to ensuring the levels of quality management and process delivery is best in class, running in parallel with equal expectations on how a business maintains security practices. 

Back in 2018 Pro2col took the decision to adopt and gain certification for ISO9001 and ISO27001 as part of our journey to grow and scale the business. Our rapid growth, increased headcount and shift into the enterprise space demanded a renewed, methodical focus on quality and security practices on a trackable, measurable and repeatable scale. Gaining the ISO certifications allowed us the oversight to continue to deliver best in class standards, manage risk, develop opportunities and enhance several internal processes and practices. 

Whilst our practices and approach back in 2018 were already at a level we considered best-in-class, the certification process was not straightforward. We overhauled our documentation and processes to align them with the requirements of ISO whilst maintaining and strengthening our core competencies, rewrote procedures and developed a strategic vision of the opportunities that lay ahead. Gaining our accreditation at the end of an intensive process was a reason to step back, reflect and celebrate. 

Today, ISO is a core part of our approach. We don’t take it for granted, but the expectation of the business is that our processes and security always come first in parallel with our customers. The senior leadership and management team ensure our standards, both internally as well as within the ISO frameworks we adhere to are at the forefront of our decision making and management discussions. And our internal pack contribute heavily to delivering its output and driving further improvements. 

I am delighted to announce that once again Pro2col passed our most recent audit with flying colours with our external assessor complementing our clear structure and commitment to both sets of standards making this our sixth successful audit in a row.






Pro2col continues to work tirelessly towards our vision of being acknowledged as a global leader in data transfer and workflow automation and ISO9001 and ISO27001 practices sit at the heart of that pursuit. We continue to educate empower and support businesses to achieve efficiencies by specialising in the interconnectivity of between systems, suppliers and people and we believe both sets of standards enable us to achieve our mission. 

As part of the audit exercise, we have been given some small suggestions to enable us to further increase our capabilities as a business which will enable us to give an even stronger service to our clients. 2024/25 for us is about executing on those promises and I look forward to seeing the end result ahead of our next audit where we expect to once again, show our duty of care and level of expertise in ensuring we are working within the right frameworks to deliver the best level of service to our internal pack and external clients and partners.  

Passing our audit today no longer commands the celebrations it did six years ago. The whole team simply expect it. But we all recognise how much work, dedication and time goes into building and maintaining this brilliant team. Now that is something worth celebrating... 


About the Author



Matthew Kyprianou is Pro2col's Operations Director. Matthew’s naturally loves to ask questions, challenge the status-quo and create strategies that propels the company forwards. He is a firm believer that an optimistic approach even at the most difficult times will allow you to achieve your goals no matter how small or big. This outlook allows Matthew to enjoy both the physical and mental challenges that work and life bring.


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