Are Your FTP Servers Still Under Manufacturers’ Support?

We’re now a week on from the first reports of WannaCry infecting computers across the globe. The initial media  furore has subsided, the world hasn’t ended and IT can get back on with their jobs of keeping the organisation running!

Many software vendors jumped on the bandwagon using WannaCry as an opportunity to position the need for their software, I’m sure you received a tonne of emails. We thought about it but resisted, instead we thought that a concise view of whether your FTP server(s) are supported by the manufacturer, the current version and what operating systems they supported would be of more use.

Naturally if you need any help upgrading any of these servers our technical team are here to help. However it would be advisable checking in with the pre-sales team to ensure that the process runs smoothly; some vendors will require a completely new licence key to go to the latest versions.

If you’ve got any other FTP servers you’d like us to add to the list, please get in touch.

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