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Managed File Transfer for Retailers

Securely manage data transfer for business critical processes in finance, HR, legal and executive teams and data exchange between partners, vendors and suppliers.

“I keep close to Pro2col on all matters relating to file transfer technologies because they are simply the leading experts in their field.”
Kevin Dunckley, Chief Digital Officer. HH Global.


We understand the wide range of file delivery requirements for retailers and are well positioned to assist with your needs. Pro2col’s largest customer is a worldwide food retailer and has file transfer servers from Pro2col in more than 20 countries.

Examples of how managed file transfer solutions can help.

Many managed file transfer solutions have built in compliance settings to help an organisation configure their systems simply and correctly to be PCI compliant. Regular reports check the system for compliance and if a setting is changed that would breach PCI guidelines, then the system will flag the setting and ask for an overriding reason to the change.

By moving data to and from stores and POS systems on an automated schedule, all data can be stored centrally at head office, providing a better picture of how each branch is doing and adding another layer of security to the data. This automation can also be used to trigger orders when stock levels get low, eliminating delays in the ordering system and ensuring that stock that’s needed gets to where it’s needed AS it is needed.

Let Pro2col Help You:

  • Assist marketing teams to exchange files or collaborate with external suppliers
  • Implement an SFTP server for secure automated/manual file transfer
  • Integrate incoming data with internal systems, performing transformation where required
  • Pick data from and push data to POS systems from national or international stores
  • Provide secure person to person communications for HR, Legal and Executive teams

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