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Up to 40% off MOVEit for Public Sector Organisations

How MOVEit solutions are transforming the way healthcare and local government organisations work

Pressures of the public sector are well understood – limited budgets, strained resources and a necessity to prove the value of investment. The need to transfer large quantities of confidential and sensitive data, quickly and securely between multiple organisations is equally challenging, but sometimes less visible.


That’s why we’re offering up to 40% off new MOVEit licences for public sector organisations until the end of November 2020. Contact us to book a demo.


What is MOVEit Managed File Transfer?

Managed File Transfer solutions secure and govern the transfer of data between two or more endpoints, using one or more file transfer protocols. MOVEit Transfer, from Progress (formerly Ipswitch), supports the exchange of files and data between servers, systems and applications, both within and between organisations, through a simple browser based interface. Files can be easily accessed and secured using processes that exceed security and compliance policies, making investment easy to justify.

Many public sector organisations are already benefiting from MOVEit Transfer’s outstanding feature set, which includes:

  • Security, encryption, access control.
  • Automatic logging and monitoring all file transfer activities.
  • Simplified auditing process with automated SLA and compliance reporting.
  • Customisable reports using drag-and-drop features, proving easy insight into key metrics.
  • An intuitive interface, which also works through Outlook or a web browser.

We’ve worked with a variety of public sector organisations to implement MOVEit solutions. The below examples demonstrate how you can begin benefiting just a few days after implementation.

Cambridgeshire Council

Before an MFT solution was implemented, council employees were required to manually transfer data between disparate systems. This was inefficient, and every file transfer increased the risk of security breaches. Users noted that securely sharing large files, or sensitive information such as health or social care records, with emergency services or housing associations was difficult, despite being frequently required. Cambridgeshire Council needed to deliver the high-level of control expected by central government, while equipping users with the necessary tools to mitigate the risk of data leaks, without hampering productivity.

MOVEit’s functionality and ease of use made it the ideal solution, and its implementation was extremely successful. It enabled efficiency and superior integration, and required minimal user training. The council now has up to 4000 users who are able to send and report on more data more securely, including large files that would ordinarily be blocked by an email platform.


NHS organisations work across hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, dental practices, palliative care centres, pharmacies and more. Their main challenge is securely controlling, monitoring and auditing the movement of confidential data both internally and between third parties. In order to maintain accuracy and compliance with GDPR, they needed a solution with flexibility and ease of use for data editing.

MOVEit allows NHS organisations to securely transfer files that would normally exceed the limit applicable to emails, and facilitates the movement of data through firewalls. Information can now securely flow between health boards, to social services, pharmaceutical companies, emergency services and external third parties. What’s more, the data can be properly audited, managed and encrypted while at rest, or in transit. This means that further protective measures are easy to implement whenever required. Since its implementation, the technology has been rolled out to support the operations of social services departments, police and ambulance services.

To claim up to a 40% discount on Progres MOVEit for your public sector organisation, get in touch. We can discuss your bespoke requirements, then arrange a demo and quote.

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