Compare Industry Leading Managed File Transfer Solutions

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This managed file transfer comparison guide includes the world’s leading MFT vendors, including Ipswitch, Globalscape and Axway.

Simple to use, it provides side by side comparisons of eight leading solutions, to help you shortlist those for further evaluation.

managed file transfer comparison guide

In this essential pack you’ll also find…


  • Key features and frequently asked questions

  • Other business policies that will need to be considered

  • Access to additional resources

  • Updated to include new vendors (October 2015)

Download now your Managed File Transfer Comparison Guide!

“Globally more than one thousand companies download our comparison guide each year. The feedback we get is it helps them to compare the capability of their existing solution, and shortlist which managed file transfer solutions they want to evaluate. “

James Lewis

Managing Director, Pro2col Limited

Why You Should Download The Guide Now!

We’ve created this guide to help businesses of all shapes and sizes quickly review eight of the leading Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions.


This isn’t a definitive guide of all the available MFT solutions, but it does include the most cost effective, popular products in one place for you to review.

The guide is split into three sections and provides an insight into the main questions we’re asked on a daily basis.

The first section is ‘Solution Basics’; these are the key questions that more or less everyone asks us, when looking for a Managed File Transfer solution.

The second section focuses on “Business Strategy”; this section is intended to prompt you to think about how your solution will be impacted by other policies within the business.

Finally the third section, “Technical Detail”, looks at some of the key features of managed file transfer solutions at a more granular level.

This guide covers many of the most frequently asked questions, but naturally we can only include so much detail. By the end of this document you should however, have a clearer view of what specific features you need from your Managed File Transfer solution and which vendors are a good fit.

Once you’ve reviewed the comparison guide, I encourage you to review our other free resources, e.g. ‘Building a business case for Managed File Transfer’ and ’Getting started with Managed File Transfer’, links to which can be found at the back of the guide.

It’s highly likely that you’ll have many more questions and our team of sales and technical consultants are perfectly placed to provide you with further product information, demonstrations, evaluations through to proof of concept and delivery.

We look forward to helping you in the near future!