Attachmate alternatives due to notice of end of life

It has been confirmed to Pro2col that Attachmate’s FileXpress product range listed below has been made end of life, and is no longer sold or supported by Attachmate.

  • Attachmate FileXpress LogoFileXpress Platform Server
  • FileXpress Internet Server
  • FileXpress Command Center
  • FileXpress FileShot

Attachmate FileXpress was an OEM* product from Tibco, who have now taken back full ownership of FileXpress and will continue to develop and support it under the Tibco name. Customers using Attachmate FileXpress are encouraged to engage with Tibco if they would like to continue under support.

If you’d like to take this opportunity to review other available solutions, our managed file transfer comparison guide enables you to review, at a glance eight of the leading alternatives:

MFT_Comparison Guide Img

Pro2col are independent File Transfer experts, so if you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team on +44 (0) 1202 433415.

*Original Equipment Manufacturer


About Attachmate FileXpress

FileXpress is an Enterprise File Transfer solution which manages and executes the secure delivery of any-size file, across all major platforms, to any location. Amongst the FileXpress modules there is an Web Browser Portal, Windows FTP Clients and a Central Dashboard for initiating, tracking and auditing.