Certified File Transfer Professional Training Programme

Become a Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP)

The only vendor independent, certified training programme for staff who work with managed file transfer software.

Who Employs CFTP'S?

Leading companies in Finance, Insurance and Consulting hire CFTP qualified staff.

Recognised Globally

Hundreds of people across four continents have been trained on File Transfer concepts and technology.

Knowledge That Addresses Compliance

CFTP knowledge can contribute towards key areas of compliance and standards such as GDPR or FIPS 140-2

Online Course

Easy to consume training when you want. Open book exam which results in certification upon passing.

Learn your way

Downloadable study document and video lessons mean you can learn the way you want too.

Expertise In A Growing Sector

Secure and Managed File Transfer is a growing technology and needed across multiple organisations and industries.

What is the CFTP programme and who is it for?

The Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) training programme is the only vendor-independent course globally. The CFTP programme prepares IT professionals, to work with managed file transfer (MFT) software and operations.

The CFTP exam, process and study guide are certified by the CFTP Advisory Board, a group of experienced advisors with a wide range of managed file transfer and secure file transfer experience. The course covers encryption, FTP Protocols, Advanced Protocols including HTTP and ASx, File Sync and Share, and Automation.

The CFTP programme is appropriate for IT professionals with all levels of experience, that are responsible for managed file transfer technologies.

Why attend the CFTP training programme?

A Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) is qualified to evaluate, deploy, configure and maintain managed file transfer and secure file transfer technology such as:

  • FTP Servers, FTPS Servers and SFTP Servers
  • FTP Clients, FTPS Clients and SFTP Clients
  • Managed File Transfer Solutions
  • Automated File Transfers and File Transfer Scripting (e.g., FTP Scripts)
  • “Web Transfer” and “Web Client” Servers, Including WebDAV Servers
  • Accelerated File Transfer, Including “Extreme File Transfer” and UDP-Based Solutions
  • “Ad Hoc” File Sharing and File Synchronization Solutions



Leading companies in finance, consulting, insurance and the managed file transfer industry employ CFTPs. Several companies have trained their entire staff and regularly use the CFTP programme to quickly onboard new hires.

How is it delivered?

This course can be taken as a remote learning option for single users or delivered onsite for IT teams.

The online course provides over two hours of video training in addition to exercises and the study guide. The CFTP is a 90-minute online test with an 80% pass rate.

The instructor-led, onsite course is delivered over two full days, concluding with classroom-based exercises, the exam and presentation of a certificate.


I’m interested what do I do next?

Online Course

Go to the CFTP website and you can set up a profile and start your training in minutes.

Instructor-led onsite course

If your interested in onsite options register your interest and find out more on the CFTP site.

“All of our pre-sales and technical teams have completed the CFTP training. I would highly recommend it to any IT professional that is involved in the day-to-day running of managed file transfer software.”

James Lewis

Managing Director, Pro2col Limited