A Deep Dive into the World of File Transfer

The Core Podcast

Recently, Pro2col's Director of Strategic Alliances & Technical, Chris Payne, was invited along as a special guest to The Core Podcast, alongside host Kelly Allen and frequent collaborator Andrew Wragg to discuss:

  • Expert Insights on Managed File Transfer and Data Security.

  • Chris Payne's Extensive Experience in channel and file transfer, offering valuable perspectives on career paths, entrepreneurial ventures, industry challenges, and best practices.

  • Who Pro2col are and how they help businesses choose, and implement, a solution that will transform their business capabilities.

The episode takes a deep dive into the world of managed file transfer and data security in file exchange technology.

As specialists in file transfer and automation with over 72 years of collective expertise, and having completed over 1600 projects in 35 countries over a 20-year period, it was great to see Chris articulate the significance of the work we do at Pro2col in the MFT space during the podcast. 

Watch the full episode below...


In this hour-long podcast, Chris, Pro2col’s Director of Strategic Alliances & Technical shares his wealth of experience garnered over 15 years in the field of channel and file transfer, offering invaluable insights into career paths, industry challenges, and best practices.

Chris's journey began in the UK, where he embarked on a remarkable career trajectory, initially working for a distributor. In this role, he looked after a number of software solutions as a consultant, working closely with numerous reseller partners, laying the foundation for his deep understanding of the channel landscape.

From here, Chris ventured into entrepreneurship, founding his own reseller company specialising in file transfer solutions. By using marketing automation and working hard, he steered his company to impressive heights, achieving nearly 1 million in revenue and serving around 75 customers. He sold his company to Pro2col in December 2021, where he continues to work today.

Throughout the podcast, Chris delves into the intricacies of managed file transfer and data security within file exchange technology, offering practical advice to businesses and industry insights gained from years of hands-on experience.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer eager to explore the world of file transfer solutions, this podcast is a must-listen.

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