Ten ways the CFTP programme will boost your IT career

Ten ways the CFTP programme will boost your IT career

As a file transfer professional, you are so busy staying on top of changes in legislation and technology that you don’t always think about your qualifications. You run the risk of your skills in this niche area of technology going unrecognised. But there are always new security threats, compliance requirements and emerging technologies that take up your time.

The Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme is a low cost and quick way to certify and enhance your knowledge. In fact, it is the only qualification of its kind in the world and will boost your career in so many ways.


1. Vendor independent

The CFTP programme is the only vendor-independent file transfer certification. This means you are not just learning how to use one particular piece of software, but gaining knowledge that is transferable across all solutions.


2. Employability

Leading organisations around the world hire CFTP qualified staff, making it a great addition to your CV.


3. New knowledge

You will gain new file transfer knowledge to put in place in your organisation, including what the GDPR and PCI-DSS requirements mean for file transfer.


4. Learn your way

Participants benefit from a flexible study approach, with online training, downloadable study guide and videos. This means you can study when it suits you, whatever time of the day or night.


5. Exam

Take the open book exam whenever you are ready. You have three attempts to pass and will receive your downloadable certificate when you do.


6. CPD certified

The CFTP course is CPD accredited. This means it has been independently assessed by the CPD Certification Service, and meets their rigorous standards. You’ll be able to add the course to your CPD record.


7. Digital accreditation

You will get a digital badge to add to your email signature, LinkedIn profile or elsewhere to share your success.


8. Unlimited access to resources

Maintain access to the resources in the future, so you can continue to use and refer back to them.


9. Get your qualification quickly

There are no lengthy modules or waiting for results. We estimate that most data transfer professionals can complete the CFTP programme within eight hours of study time. That’s going to differ, depending on your existing knowledge, but even so, it’s a quick solution to getting a new qualification.


10. Low cost

The CFTP programme is a low-cost way to improve and certify your knowledge at only $299 for a single user. Plus, we’re offering a 10% discount to readers of this blog – just use the code CFTP10 at the checkout.


Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) acquisition

Pro2col aquire and update Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) accreditation

Pro2col Ltd have acquired and enhanced the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme, meaning they will provide training for file transfer engineers across the world.

It is the only independent file transfer certification for IT professionals. Users gain knowledge of file transfer concepts and technology, plus the capability to deliver secure and managed file transfer in their organisation. It is recognised worldwide by employers looking to recruit experts to their file transfer team.

Pro2col have been involved in its design and development in recent years, and this acquisition marks an important step forward for the programme.

“We have updated the study guide, enhanced the user-experience and developed an exciting roadmap for future development. This includes new GDPR and PCI-DSS modules. It’s informed by our knowledge gleaned from 15 years’ delivering secure file transfer solutions, plus contributions from an advisory board made up of the world’s leading experts in this technology. There’s also now a digital accreditation badge, which users can add to their email signature, LinkedIn profile or elsewhere to share their success. Plus, we are delighted that the CFTP has received CPD certification.

Pro2col Managing Director James Lewis.

CPD accreditation means the learning value and structure of the course meets the rigorous standards of the CPD Certification Service. Users who pass the exam will be be able to add the course to their CPD record, recognising their knowledge of file transfer.

Secure and managed file transfer is becoming an increasingly important component in IT infrastructure. Knowledge gained from the CFTP helps organisations address GDPR and PCI-DSS compliance, plus FIPS 140-2 certification, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. That’s why the course has proved popular with finance, insurance, consulting and many other sectors. Participants also learn how the technology improves business efficiency, freeing up resources, streamlining business operations and reducing human error.

“The secure transfer of files and personally identifiable data needs to be done correctly,” explained James. “Our aim for CFTP is to give IT professionals the file transfer training they need to implement secure file transfer into their organisations whilst giving a professional certification to the learner. With an understanding of the technology, CFTP qualified staff help organisations to stay compliant, improve efficiency and save time.”

The course is delivered online through downloadable study resources and video lessons, ending with an online open book exam. It takes users through file transfer concepts, basic and advanced protocols, accelerated file transfer, file sync & share, encryption and more.

“Pro2col are independent data transfer and file sharing specialists and I’ve made no secret of my aim for us to be the best at what we do, worldwide,” James said. “This acquisition is an exciting step for Pro2col and the CFTP programme. To be responsible for training file transfer engineers across the world is testament to the knowledge and expertise of our technical consultants.”

PGP is the industry standard for securing communications and a common feature of MFT. But it’s recently been at the centre of hacking fears. This guest blog post from Coviant Software CEO Greg Hoffer will alleviate any concerns relating to your Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution.

It was bound to happen one day: the OpenPGP Standard Key Server implementation has fallen victim to attack. When the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Keyserver system allows anyone to affix changes (“attestations”) to a given key –these never, ever get deleted. As a result, malicious attackers can “spam” a public key sitting on a key server, adding these attestations over and over again until the key itself becomes too unwieldy to use by some software. This is a clear security issue leading to a “denial of service” attack, rendering that public key unusable for encrypting information.

So how does this affect your MFT solution? It is has no negative impact at all. I have never experienced any customer that uses a KeyServer for OpenPGP key distribution. When creating a transaction to move files between a MFT customer and an external customer, partner, supplier, or vendor it is always the two sides of the file transfer that coordinate the exchange of public keys, either through email or a file transfer protocol like SFTP. Thus, since those public keys are not put onto a public Key Server, they will not have extraneous attestations attached to them, and both sides will be able to process the keys just fine.

Let’s all use this situation as a reminder to be very untrusting when dealing with the security of sensitive data, and not provide an infrastructure that allows anonymous, unregulated edits to information that is vital to secure communications.

Greg Hoffer

CEO, Coviant Software

Your MFT solution is a critical part of your infrastructure, with many business processes depending on it. Without regular maintenance and training, you are risking security and efficiency, and ultimately not getting the best value from your solution.

Our health check service reviews the performance of your software, checking your configuration, version, clean-up rules and more. Our technical consultants will produce and present a report advising on risks we have identified and remedial actions.

Call 0333 123 1240 or contact us online to book a health check today.

Managed File Transfer Buyers Guide

First certified UK Globalscape training

First certified UK Globalscape training

Pro2col hosted and attended the first certified UK Globalscape training in London last month. Their technical consultants took part and are now among a select few accredited EFT Admin and Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) professionals across the globe.

James Lewis, Pro2col’s Managing Director said: “Pro2col’s technical team have been installing and providing support for UK Globalscape EFT users since 2010. They know this technology inside out. Receiving this formal certification is evidence of their depth of knowledge and experience and our customers will benefit from their expanded skillset.”

Globalscape’s EFT – or Enhanced File Transfer – is a leading secure file transfer product with users across the globe. Senior Consultant Adrian Acuña travelled from the Globalscape headquarters in Texas to deliver the two-day training.

IT administrators and engineers from a range of organisations took part in the tightly packed training agenda. They gained a fuller understanding of EFT functionality and learned how to get the most out of the product. The training on AWE proved to be particularly valuable, with delegates learning how to implement advanced workflows to deliver better error handling, manage unusual situations and conditions, and a range of other solutions.

Course content

  • Day one covered an introduction to EFT Server, including: Server administration and delegation; site setup and protocols; Globalscape EFT trainingsettings templates, user accounts, and permission groups; event rules; monitoring EFT Server activity; auditing and reporting; high availability and troubleshooting.
  • Day two focussed on AWE, including: AWE automation vs native automation; creating workflows; creating variables; flow control; loops; debugging workflows and error handling; text manipulation; automating file operations and procedures; automating FTP processes and cryptography and compression automation.

Online exam and certification

Globalscape EFT trainingFollowing the training, delegates were invited to take an online exam, giving the following formal Globalscape accreditation:

EFT Associate Certification
Advance Workflow Engine
EFT Essentials – Administration


Pro2col Senior Technical Consultant Richard Auger said: “It was an intense but rewarding training programme. It is particularly valuable to understand why things work the way they do in EFT, rather than just how they work. This has given us a better understanding of the available possibilities and any limitations of the software.”
Pro2col are a Globalscape UK and European Master Partner, training and professional services provider. Find out more about Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solution.
MFT solution address a wide range of business and compliance requirements. Find out which solution is the best fit for your organisation by completing our MFT Comparison Report.

Are You A File Transfer Solution Administrator?

Are You A File Transfer Solution Administrator?

If you’re an IT professional that has responsibility for your company’s file transfer systems, there’s a good chance that you’ve had little training and have had to work much of it out for yourself. However it doesn’t need to be that way.

Understanding how file transfer fits into an organisation, how it should be secured, who to provide access to, which protocols are most appropriate to integrate with specific systems shouldn’t be a process of trial and error. External partners should be on-boarded efficiently, securely, and you should be confident in the choices you make during the process.

certified file transfer professional

We realised that there wasn’t an appropriate training course to help IT professionals to understand the mechanics of file transfer. Sure, there are vendor courses about specific software packages, but they expect an underlying level of knowledge about file transfer that many just don’t have. So in partnership with a number of leading file transfer vendors we created the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) programme.

The programme is vendor independent, it’s purpose is to educate IT professionals about the different types of file transfer technologies, which protocols should be used and when, how to better secure your company by adopting best practises and much more.

Certified File Transfer Programme

The CFTP programme is delivered as an online course or in the classroom. From our training facilities in London or onsite at your company, Pro2col’s experienced technical consultants deliver a hands-on, interactive training programme working through the course content and then adjudicate during the examination.

If you or your colleagues would like to build upon your base knowledge of file transfer, gain an Internationally accepted accreditation, and help better secure your transfers ahead of GDPR, we’d love to hear from you.

You can register your interest for our classroom based training here, or register to get the free study guide on the web site. Alternatively If you’d like to discuss your options feel free to give our team a call on 0333 123 1240.

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