If you’re reading this it’s likely you need secure data transfers and file sharing activities for your business. You’ve identified that the type of technology you need is a Managed File Transfer solution, but with over 40 vendors in the industry where do you start?

Pro2col has been specialising in Managed File Transfer since 2004, and in that time we’ve evaluated most of the solutions in the marketplace. We know which vendors provide great support, documentation, regular software updates and most importantly have a reliable, feature rich, secure and scalable technology.

To save you from having to contact multiple vendors, sit through numerous presentations, sift through piles of white papers and liaise with various salespeople, we’ve done the work for you. We’ll help you to shortcut the process by providing you with a free, no obligation, bespoke report which will recommend up to three Managed File Transfer solutions to meet your requirements. As part of the report we will provide you with pricing and if we don’t supply the software put you in contact with someone who can help.

On the next page we’ll ask you some questions, please answer them in as much detail as possible. If we need to clarify any points we’ll give you a call, so please make sure your contact information is correct when you submit.

In exchange, we guarantee to:

  • Provide you unbiased, honest advice
  • Recommend the best solution to address your specific requirements
  • Be clear about software pricing, including modules, ongoing fees and services
  • Introduce you to a software vendor we don’t work with if they are the best fit
  • Never sell or share your information without your permission

As independent experts, we’ve helped in excess of 750 businesses to select the best, Managed File Transfer solution to match their requirements and budget. We would love to help you with your project too. 


  • Solution Basics
    Asks the key infrastructure questions that need to be considered when looking for an MFT solution

  • Business Strategy
    Prompts you to consider how your solution will be impacted by other policies within the business

  • Technical Details
    Looks at some of the key features of MFT solutions at a more granular level

  • Automation Options
    Asks the importance of automation features; a key component of any MFT solution

  • Cloud Connectors
    Matches the most common cloud services that you’re likely to need to connect to

  • Transfer Protocols
    Matches solutions with the most widely used file transfer delivery protocols

  • Compliance
    Matches solutions against common compliance standards, including GDPR.