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So you think an MFT solution can help your organisation and you’re starting off your managed file transfer vendor research. (If your still not sure check out the Managed file transfer page)

But now you’re thinking… ‘what are the best managed file transfer vendors?’‘there are lots of different MFT products out there?’‘I don’t have the time to research them all!’‘I don’t want to make an expensive mistake!’ …and ‘I know managed file transfer vendors are going to want to sell their solution to me and I’m going to receive lots of calls and emails whenever I download any small bit of research!’

It can feel like a very daunting project, as let’s face it, you could be dealing with critical internal business processes and moving very sensitive data and files. It’s important to get this right the first time!

You probably googled managed file transfer or enterprise managed file transfer vendors, in a bid to find what you need, and saw a host of search results who are either vendors themselves or IT review sites. They are claiming they know the best enterprise managed file transfer vendors when they have no expertise in the field and are giving you high-level tick boxes and outdated information. Or the vendors are trying to funnel you to their product.

If that’s the case, then we think we can help you!

Pro2col have been specialists in MFT since 2004, and we provide the only independent online comparison compiled by experts.
Below you can see a selection of some of the better enterprise managed file transfer vendors based upon past projects, technical support, product evolution and happy customers to help you with the first research step.

But… to find out what you should do next we’d suggest getting a bespoke recommendation based on your needs!

Vendor Product Formed No. of employees CEO Head Office
managed file transfer vendors Diplomat MFT 2004 11-50 Pam Reid Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
GoAnywhere 1982 501-1000 Chris Heim Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
managed file transfer vendors EFT 1996 51-200 Matt Goulet San Antonio, Texas, USA
managed file transfer vendors MOVEit 1991 201-500 Michael Grossi Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
Vendor Product Formed No. of employees CEO Head Office
managed file transfer vendors Harmony 1976 201-500 Mahesh Rajasekharan Rockford, Illinois, USA
managed file transfer vendors Cornerstone 2000 11-50 Micheal J Ryan Annapolis, Maryland, USA
managed file transfer vendors Secure Transport 1996 1001 - 2500 Patrick Donovan Puteaux, France
managed file transfer vendors Oracle MFT 1977 10001+ Mark Hurd Redwood City, California, USA

Vendor Product Formed No. of employees CEO Head Office
managed file transfer vendors JSCAPE MFT 1999 11-50 Van Glass Miami, Florida, USA
managed file transfer vendors Business Integration Suite MFT 1987 501-1000 Bernd Seeburger Bretten, Germany
managed file transfer vendors Serv-U 1996 1001 - 5000 Kevin B. Thompson Austin, Texas,USA
managed file transfer vendors Attunity MFT 1977 201-500 Shimon Alon Burlington, Massachusetts, USA


We understand that the enterprise managed file transfer vendor marketplace has less visibility than many of the larger, more well-known IT products. So being experts in this field and concentrating on this niche means we are confident that no other organisation can help you with managed file transfer as we can.

We act on your behalf, as part of your team and our independence means we can suggest the right solution for you based on its features and your needs.

As a trusted MFT consultancy and acknowledged in the industry as thought leaders and experts, managed file transfer vendors respect us. This means we can ensure you get the best help for your MFT project and the right deal.

We have been trusted by over 750 companies across all industry sectors, in over 30 countries around the world, to select, implement and maintain countless file transfer solutions.

If you would like to speak to an MFT expert to discuss your project further then please contact us.


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Cloud Connectors provide a simple cost effective solution to connecting your GoAnywhere MFT projects and workflows to cloud-based applications and services.