Pro2col’s Managed File Transfer Buyer’s Guide equips you with the knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to securely transferring or sharing files.


Managed File Transfer Buyer’s Guide

What’s included?

Your first step researching Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer is a big investment. Whether you’re buying for the first time or replacing an outdated solution, you don’t want to make an expensive mistake.

There are over forty vendors on the marketplace, each pushing their product. Of course they will tell you it is right for your business. But perhaps Managed File Transfer isn’t right for you after all? Or maybe there’s a product that will deliver your requirements better and for a cheaper price? To research every product thoroughly will take a lot of time and resources.

We have distilled the essential information into this guide, which includes:

  • Explanation of MFT and whether you have a current or future business need.
  • A series of common business problems MFT solves, including automation, security and visibility.
  • Which MFT features or modules address which requirement?
  • Use cases explaining how different industries use MFT.
  • Advice for the different stages of an MFT project.
  • Access to more downloadable resources to help you through each stage of your project.

Please be aware, there’s no-one else who can create a truly independent Buyer’s Guide with our level of expertise. They are either written by vendors trying to push their product, or by businesses without our level of experience. Pro2col deals solely with MFT and automation and has done for over 15 years. We are thought leaders in the industry, assisting vendors with product research and development, and are providers and developers of the only vendor-independent training programme: The Certified file Transfer Professional (CFTP). Our technical expertise is sought the world-over by businesses and vendors alike. Access this expertise for free now.

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