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Upgrade to Diplomat Managed File Transfer v 8.0

Coviant have released Diplomat Managed File Transfer v8.0. We’d recommend you upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the new features and fixes, which include:

Support for Windows Server 2016

  • When using search/move features for keys, partners or transactions, leaving the ‘containing phrase’ field blank displays an unfiltered list of objects. Enter ‘Accelerate’ into the ‘containing phrase’ field when All Fields is selected to identify any SFTP partners that have ‘Accelerate transfers’ selected.
  • Added Reset with accelerator CTRL-R to the top level menus for Public Keys, Key Pairs, SSL Certificates, Partners (Enterprise only) and Transactions.
  • Added accelerators for the Search/Move items of Partners (Enterprise only) and Transactions – CTRL-P and CTRL-T.
  • Added ability to add Integrity Protected Packets to PGP-encrypted files.

Standard and Enterprise only

  • Added initialisation error messages to server startup email going to IT Support email addresses.

Enterprise only

  • If in use, the SQL audit database is updated to add multiple columns to the JOB_AUDIT and JOB_AUDIT_ARCHIVE tables the first time the Diplomat Service is started after an upgrade to v8.0. No data conversion is done, but the SQL audit database can no longer be used by earlier versions of Diplomat MFT.
  • Added fields for API and FILE_MONITORING to SQL audit database to indicate how jobs were initiated.
  • Added ability to zip source files before transferring and unzip destination files after transferring.
  • Added support for shared folders in Citrix Sharefile partner profiles.
  • Added ability to start Diplomat Service in ‘safe startup mode’ with all transactions suspended. Right-click on the Transactions folder to unsuspend any transactions that were not suspended before the Diplomat Service restart.


  • Changed scheduling so that previously defined ‘excluded days’ are not considered when the Recurrence Type is Weekly.
  • Corrected scheduling error that occurred when scheduling window spanned midnight. Jobs do not stop at midnight, but now run until the end of the scheduling window.
  • Fixed error in getting correct file modified date when using subfolders in the source file name field.
  • Ensure that SMB partner profiles that are defined with a non-blank Directory field can successfully overwrite destination files.
  • Corrected problem where attempts to create new sub-folders on FTP, FTPS and SFTP destinations were not occurring.
  • Corrected a problem where a Run Now dialog would not display the summary information at the end of the job if the associated transaction was saved while the job was running.
  • Corrected problem where a second job based on a transaction could start while an earlier job based on the transaction was still running.
  • If a left-nav item is selected and the user scrolls it so that it is not visible, the left nav will not scroll back to the selected left-nav item when the display refreshes.
You can download the installation files and related documentation at http://www.coviantsoftware.com/partner-portal.php. You will need your Coviant support username and password.

If have a maintenance contract and experience any difficulties upgrading, please submit a support ticket and one of our technical consultants will be in touch.

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[ 'me', 'mac', 'icloud', 'gmail', 'googlemail', 'hotmail', 'live', 'msn', 'outlook', 'yahoo', 'ymail', 'aol', ]