Driving business initiatives using MFT workflow automation

How MFT workflow automation can drive businees improvements and Digital Transformation


This post looks at how secure data transfer solutions can address your workflow automation requirements. It includes a use-case demonstrating how a large-scale pharmacy with nearly 800 retail locations and 7000 employees streamlined operations, issuing over 70 million prescriptions each year. It is a guest blog post from Globalscape; a leading data transfer vendor working with Pro2col since 2010.

The reliability, efficiency, and security of a company’s IT infrastructure will impact upon its rate of growth and speed of response to changing markets. The management and flow of data is especially important – it affects compliance, Service Level Agreements, and the efficiency of daily business operations.

Homegrown file transfer processes can be slow, unreliable, and largely inefficient, especially when the volume of file transfer workflows vary. When accuracy and compliance is a priority, file transfer workflow automation has the power to enhance the overall operational efficiency and data transfer security for a company. It also reduces reliance on the only employee left who knows how to tweak the code of the homegrown solution!

Choosing a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution is a great way to address your workflow automation requirements. MFT provides a secure and efficient IT infrastructure, helping your organisation manage complex, high-volume data transfer workflows and comply with government and industry standards. Some benefits include:

  • Workflow automation is managed through a centralised platform, giving full control and operational visibility of all data transfer activity. This level of reporting is invaluable for compliance with regulation like the GDPR.
  • You remove reliance on old operating systems, old scripting language or a dwindling knowledge base that can manage homegrown solutions within your organisaiton. You will be using a fully supported solution that is regularly updated to maintain security and compliance standards.
  • MFT is scalable, meaning you can add additional modules as your business requirements grow. This future-proofs your solution.

This use-case from a large-scale pharmacy with nearly 800 retail locations and 7,000 employees, demonstrates how these benefits translate in practice.


Use case: A UK-based pharmacy

A UK-based retail pharmacy issuing over 70 million prescriptions each year was using two disparate file transfer systems during a time-sensitive business merger. The company wanted to simplify and better manage their automated and manual data transfers, especially those through their financial accounting systems.

This business successfully implemented Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise plus the additional Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) and Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM). This simplified their complex and high volume file transfer workflows, whilst providing stringent security and compliance with relevant standards and legislation.

Some of the benefits realised by this business include:

  • The improved file transfer system with automated workflows saved their IT department vast amounts of time and effort.
  • Improved business processes, including a centrally controlled standard file archive and retention policy organised within clear and logical file and folder structures.
  • This better and more organised process allowed IT support to quickly find tasks and activities involved in the data flows.
  • The business streamlined their manual and automated processes, which eliminated the need for any human intervention or coding in various file transfer workflows. Consequently financial data transfers were more secure and at a reduced risk for payment fraud.
  • Similarly, the business automated their auditing and reporting workflows through ARM, improving diagnostics. This gave greater visibility, allowing the IT department to fix existing problems, prevent future problems, and minimise vulnerabilities like failed data transfers, gaps in security, or data breach attempts.

You can find out more about how and why this business used MFT by downloading the full case-study.

Pro2col are Globalscape UK Master Partners, providing consultancy and professional services from demos, trials and licences, through to installations, training and support. Find out more about Globalscape EFT Enterprise and the supporting modules. This is the latest in a series of guest blogs from the leading vendors, demonstrating how a file transfer solution can benefit your business.

First certified UK Globalscape training

First certified UK Globalscape training

Pro2col hosted and attended the first certified UK Globalscape training in London last month. Their technical consultants took part and are now among a select few accredited EFT Admin and Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) professionals across the globe.

James Lewis, Pro2col’s Managing Director said: “Pro2col’s technical team have been installing and providing support for UK Globalscape EFT users since 2010. They know this technology inside out. Receiving this formal certification is evidence of their depth of knowledge and experience and our customers will benefit from their expanded skillset.”

Globalscape’s EFT – or Enhanced File Transfer – is a leading secure file transfer product with users across the globe. Senior Consultant Adrian Acuña travelled from the Globalscape headquarters in Texas to deliver the two-day training.

IT administrators and engineers from a range of organisations took part in the tightly packed training agenda. They gained a fuller understanding of EFT functionality and learned how to get the most out of the product. The training on AWE proved to be particularly valuable, with delegates learning how to implement advanced workflows to deliver better error handling, manage unusual situations and conditions, and a range of other solutions.

Course content

  • Day one covered an introduction to EFT Server, including: Server administration and delegation; site setup and protocols; Globalscape EFT trainingsettings templates, user accounts, and permission groups; event rules; monitoring EFT Server activity; auditing and reporting; high availability and troubleshooting.
  • Day two focussed on AWE, including: AWE automation vs native automation; creating workflows; creating variables; flow control; loops; debugging workflows and error handling; text manipulation; automating file operations and procedures; automating FTP processes and cryptography and compression automation.

Online exam and certification

Globalscape EFT trainingFollowing the training, delegates were invited to take an online exam, giving the following formal Globalscape accreditation:

EFT Associate Certification
Advance Workflow Engine
EFT Essentials – Administration


Pro2col Senior Technical Consultant Richard Auger said: “It was an intense but rewarding training programme. It is particularly valuable to understand why things work the way they do in EFT, rather than just how they work. This has given us a better understanding of the available possibilities and any limitations of the software.”
Pro2col are a Globalscape UK and European Master Partner, training and professional services provider. Find out more about Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solution.
MFT solution address a wide range of business and compliance requirements. Find out which solution is the best fit for your organisation by completing our MFT Comparison Report.

Globalscape launch new Content Integrity Control Module for EFT Server

Globalscape launch new Content Integrity Control Module for EFT Server

Globalscape EFT’s new Content Integrity Control™ provides an Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) connector to anti-malware scanners and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, helping IT teams control and monitor the movement of sensitive files and avoid infected files.

Preventing the Leakage of Sensitive Data

Employees often transfer files outside of their organisation when doing business. Occasionally, they might transfer a file that contains sensitive information about the company, its employees, partners or its customers. To stay compliant with the many government and industry regulations like HIPAA, SOX and PCI DSS, to name a few, organisations must use a secure file transfer solution that prevents data leakage. EFT with Content Integrity Control allows for anti-malware and DLP protection through ICAP connectors to anti-malware scanners and DLP solutions, enabling IT teams to better control and monitor the movement of sensitive files and avoid infected files.

Integrating EFT with Content Integrity Control in Your Security Infrastructure

  • Ensures transfers are free of malware
  • Ensures that employees are not sharing confidential or proprietary information
  • Ensures that no transfers contain nonpublic information, such as PHI (protected health information) and PFI (personal financial information)
  • Helps you maintain compliance with PCI DSS 3.0 DLP requirements.


James Bindseil, CEO of Globalscape says

“It is imperative that organisations remain in control of their sensitive information. Often we see data breaches at the hands of employees, resulting in compliance violations. With Content Integrity Control which allows for DLP and AV Protection in EFT, we are continuing our forward progress in enabling IT teams to use added layers of security measures to control and monitor the movement of their sensitive information.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Content Integrity Control module for EFT or would like a demonstration, please call the Pro2col team on 0333 123 1240.

Globalscape EFT unaffected by Heartbleed | Mail Express workarounds available

Globalscape EFT unaffected by Heartbleed | Mail Express workarounds available

Globalscape® is well aware of the recently announced OpenSSL vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed.”

Given the severity of this vulnerability, and the high levels of anxiety caused by the breadth of coverage on this issue, Globalscape has communicated to all customers that the Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform is safe, and that workarounds are available to protect Mail Express™.

Globalscape software engineering experts have verified that no version of EFT is vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit. All versions of EFT Enterprise and EFT Standard (including deployments using DMZ Gateway) are safe from this exploit, because the version of the OpenSSL library that the EFT product uses does not include the TLS Heartbeat functionality, and therefore is not vulnerable to this attack.

Mail Express v3.3 and later uses two secure communication implementations, OpenSSL and JSSE, depending on the communication path being used. The OpenSSL implementation in Mail Express uses v1.0.1c, which has been identified as a vulnerable version. Work is in progress for updating the OpenSSL library to eliminate this vulnerability. Until a patch is released, Globalscape recommends that one of the workarounds described in the Knowledgebase article at http://go.globalscape.com/e/21292/KnowledgebaseArticle11166-aspx/7rgxw/82299458 be used to remediate the issue.

If you use Globalscape DMZ Gateway® in conjunction with Mail Express, Mail Express will not be affected. Mail Express uses a different SSL library for its communication with DMZ Gateway and therefore is not susceptible to this vulnerability.

For more information, refer to the following resources, or contact Globalscape Customer Support at 1-210-366-3993.