GoAnywhere Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway: Apply ADLP to your MFT solution

GoAnywhere Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway: Apply ADLP to your MFT solution

This GoAnywhere Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway webinar was first broadcast on Tuesday 22 January 2019.

As a HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT user, did you know that you can scan all the data coming into and going out of your MFT server? This mitigates the risk of a user accidentally exposing the wrong information, or malware being sent from a trusted partner.

This webinar takes you through the built-in ICAP connector, which allows you to add Clearswift’s content inspection technology to your workflows and ad hoc file sharing. This scans for a multitude of criteria including: document classification, credit card details, personally identifiable data, healthcare information or other sensitive data leaving the business. Then it either modifies it, quarantines it, or carries out a range of other relevant actions. It will also identify malware and stop it from entering the organisation too.

Adding this Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (ADLP) technology will secure the entire flow of data in and out of your business, supporting compliance with the GDPR and other requirements, whilst minimising the impact on business processes.


WATCH WEBINAR: GoAnywhere Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

Would you like to see how the GoAnywhere Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway would work in your organisation? Contact us to book a demo or trial.

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GoAnywhere Cloud Connectors

What applications does GoAnywhere connect with and why?

There is no doubt that the Cloud is here to stay. As business and enterprises adopt new cost-effective models, Gartner forecasts Public Cloud Revenues to grow 21.4% in 2018 and for this to nearly double by 2021. The cloud brings many benefits with access to services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). But these benefits also bring new challenges.

Many enterprises are moving to SaaS-based models to onboard core and key resources, such as Office 365, Salesforce, Jira & Zendesk. But there is not a standard way to access the data stored in these ‘islands in the cloud’. Most established cloud providers will offer a web-based portal to access the service and a set of open or paid APIs (Application Programming Interface), which software developers can use to integrate separated systems and services.

The appealing world of cloud connectivity and automation offers a simpler, quicker and more cost effective alternative, saving hours of developer time and removing reliance on niche expertise. This is an area that GoAnywhere from HelpSystems has been building on since version 5.7.0. You can purchase pre-developed Cloud Connectors already integrated with the MFT application. At the time of writing there are over 20 popular Cloud Connectors for GoAnywhere with more planned by the end of 2018. As an example these include:


One, if not, the most popular cloud-based CRM software. Its vastness has spun out a mini-industry of businesses and teams used to integrate and develop bespoke processes. With the GoAnywhere Cloud Connector you can add, update, delete, get and set account, case, contact, lead and opportunity information, along with some other key functions.

A common example might be a sales team who are passed a large list of contacts from the marketing department. They need to import these into Salesforce. GoAnywhere MFT can be used to automate the collection of a csv file, separate out the records and insert these into Salesforce.

SharePoint online

This is a Microsoft cloud-based service that helps organisations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. The uptake of Office 365 services by enterprises has been immense. Business processes and requirements may grow beyond the service functions provided. The GoAnywhere Cloud Connector can integrate MFT functionality for the movement and management of documents.

An example here might be a business needing a GDPR-compliant process for an automated transfer of personally identifiable information held in Sharepoint. GoAnywhere can read removal requests from a database or flat file and then connect to SharePoint to remove the identifying file/s.


This cloud-based help desk solution is used by more than 200,000 organisations worldwide. It helps them connect to their customers and staff via a number of support channels. The GoAnywhere Cloud Connector for Zendesk allows for the automation of tickets by creating, listing, deleting and merging.

An example might be to work alongside an existing GoAnywhere workflow that collects data from an external trade partner. If the GoAnywhere MFT server is unable to collect the external data – due to a remote server or connectivity issue – the Zendesk Cloud Connector could be used within the workflow error process to raise a helpdesk ticket with the internal or external Zendesk team.

Next steps

You can see a full list of GoAnywhere Cloud Connectors here. Please get in touch with your account manager – or call 0333 123 1240 – to add cloud connectors to your GoAnywhere infrastructure. And if there is a connector you need that is not on the list, get in touch. We can build connectors for you using the web interface.

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Pro2col promoted to GoAnywhere Platinum Certified Partner status

HelpSystems have recognised Pro2col as a Platinum Certified Partner, praising their ‘exceptional product knowledge and experience.’

It’s after three of the team became GoAnywhere MFT certified technicians. Richard Auger, Mark Allen and Lee Norvall – pictured above left to right – all passed their technical proficiency exams last month.

Platinum status is the highest possible accolade from HelpSystems. Partner Manager Melissa O’Leary said: “Pro2col is known worldwide for their industry expertise and are true thought leaders in the secure and managed file transfer market”.

Pro2col are HelpSystems’ fastest growing partner and the partner with the most MFT experience.

“Pro2col is a highly valued GoAnywhere MFT Platinum Certified Partner. The team includes three GoAnywhere MFT Certified Technicians who have exceptional product knowledge and experience.”

Melissa O’Leary, Partner Manager, HelpSystems

Pro2col’s certified technical consultants are expertly placed to evaluate your requirements, demo the software and arrange bespoke evaluations so you can see how it works in your unique environment. When it comes to installations, their in-depth knowledge of MFT means they can configure your solution to achieve maximum efficiency, and support and maintain it going forward.

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Workflow projects in GoAnywhere MFT

How are you designing workflow projects in GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere Advanced WorkflowsAre you unsure if you need the Advanced Workflows module? Or are you able to design the workflows you need? This technical top tip and video provide a good guide.

Workflows are projects you can create in GoAnywhere MFT to define your file transfers and improve your business processes. Each project is able to contain multiple tasks that execute in a seamless end-to-end workflow.


Without Advanced Workflows

Designing workflows yourself require time to set up and a specific technical skill set. Let’s take an example of a common workflow: Extracting data, building a report and transforming it into a .csv file.

The developer would need to complete the following process:

  • Build the SQL to extract the data.
  • Write, test and debug a program to build the report.
  • After the report is built, you find and use a tool to transform that data into the .csv file.
  • It is important to maintain the connectivity between the program that generates the data and the translation into a .csv file, otherwise the process won’t complete successfully.

If you don’t need to build too many workflows, this will probably suffice for your organisation. It’s a good idea to monitor how much time you or your developers are spending manually designing workflows. The advantage of GoAnywhere is that it’s scalable, so if your requirements grow you should consider investing in the Advanced Workflows module.


GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows module

The Advanced Workflow module’s browser-based interface has intuitive wizards and templates, which will undoubtedly make the network administrator’s life easier. Users do not need special programming or technical skills.

In our example to extract data, build a report and transform it into a .csv file, the process is contained in a single workflow. No programming or outside tools are needed. Easy to configure connection templates remove the client connectivity issues. If there’s a problem, the entire job, from file creation to the transfer itself, is audited, so you can troubleshoot it with ease.

In this video tutorial you will learn the basics on how to design workflow products in GoAnywhere MFT with the Advanced Workflow module.

Would you like to see GoAnywhere or the Advanced Workflows module in action? Book a free demo or trial.

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Secure Forms feature in GoAnywhere helps companies to go green

Secure Forms: Go green, go paperless, GoAnywhere

As an increasing number of organisations embark on their digital transformation, one thing is clear: Ditching paper-based data gathering Ditch paper based data gatheringis a good thing.

Whether you are a business, service, local or national government or any other type of organisation, this will benefit the environment, increase security and improve business efficiency.

In fact, efficiency, accessibility and security should be the driving forces behind any digital transformation and this technical tip looks at how Secure Forms can help meet those aims.

It is a module for the GoAnywhere MFT platform and – using the de facto protocol for secure internet sites, HTTPS – Secure Forms allows you to create web-based forms. This can be used in all types of data collection with text boxes, options, check boxes, drop-down selection fields, hidden fields and default values.

For digital file collections such as documents, scanned images and personally identifiable information, a secure file upload option can be embedded into the forms with a Drag & Drop feature for ease of use.

Further management allows you to identify the types of files and sizes that can be uploaded with all files being secured by AES-256 bit encryption on upload and when stored on the GoAnywhere MFT server.

Secure Forms are hosted on the GoAnywhere MFT server so end-users can access these directly. But – if required – these forms can be embedded into an external website using iFrames. No matter if these sites are hosted by yourself or a third party, access management control handled by the GoAnywhere admin interface will secure which sites can host the forms.

Secure Forms automated workflows

So, what happens when you have the required information and files? This is where many other form-based solutions leave you hanging. GoAnywhere MFT provides a complete end-to-end solution allowing you to process the data with automated tasks, monitoring and workflows. Internal employee data can be automatically moved to the HR department, external customer information integrated into a CRM, and processes by sales and trading partner data can be directed to accounts admin.
Find out more about the complex automation capabilities of Secure Forms in this video, which uses the example of a motor insurance claim.

If you use GoAnywhere and would like to add Secure Forms to your infrastructure, please contact us via the website (existing Pro2col customers can email your account manager).

If you are considering GoAnywhere MFT, request a free 30 day trial and see if it’s the right solution for your organisation.

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GoAnywhere Amazon S3 integration

How does GoAnywhere work with Amazon S3

This article looks at GoAnywhere Amazon S3 Bucket integration and the new monitoring feature released with version 5.7.4.

Today’s businesses operate in a truly cloud-centric world. The adoption of cloud-based services is on the increase, as enterprises identify the significant benefits and costs savings. The ‘de facto’ infrastructure set-up for enterprises is shifting from pure on-prem, to hybrid, and it is definitely now a case of how enterprises use the cloud and not when.

Application and software developers are adopting connectors and open APIs to allow their software to integrate with a wide range of cloud platforms and services. GoAnywhere MFT from Helpsystems is an enterprise-level Managed File Transfer application that has been ahead of the game for a while. As well as cloud connectors, it also integrates with storage platforms like Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.

Amazon S3 provides businesses of all sizes with an affordable and scalable cloud storage solution. GoAnywhere allows an Amazon S3 bucket to be configured as a resource and then specified as file repositories from within Domains or as a Web User virtual folder. Using the intuitive workflow builder, you can use the Amazon S3 component to build projects that retrieve or modify object metadata using the S3 task, or upload / download / manage documents by using qualified file paths.

GoAnywhere supports Amazon’s server-side SSE-S3 method for encrypting data at rest by using the AES 256-bit encryption standard. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – also known by its original name ‘Rijndael’ – has been adopted by the US government and is now used world-wide. When AES-256 is selected from within GoAnywhere, all files and data uploaded to the Amazon S3 resource will automatically be encrypted on the Amazon platform. Files that are already encrypted in the Amazon S3 bucket will be automatically decrypted when downloaded by GoAnywhere.

In the latest release of GoAnywhere – v.5.7.4 – you can monitor Amazon S3 buckets for changes or modifications to data. Monitoring can help with automation tasks, such as email alerts when a file as been uploaded to a bucket, changed or even deleted.

GoAnywhere MFT also supports Azure blob storage with the same level of functions and features in the Amazon S3 bucket resource.

Find out more about HelpSystems and GoAnywhere MFT.

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