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Pro2col receive Ipswitch file transfer partner award for a second time

Pro2col are Ipswitch Partner of the year for the second time

We are delighted to announce that we have received the Ipswitch Partner Award for File Transfer for the second time. It’s for achieving the highest revenue within the UK – one of several categories in the company’s annual EMEA Channel awards. We also picked up this accolade in 2015.

Pro2col Managing Director James Lewis said, “It’s great that we have been recognised for our commitment to UK MOVEit users. It shows we are achieving our goal of adding value to customers through our UK-based support and expert knowledge.”

Pro2col technical consultants know MOVEit technology inside out. In fact, they have written training courses for Ipswitch. They work with customers to get the maximum value from their solution and highest possible return on investment.

We also provide support for over 100 UK MOVEit users, who benefit from a service in their own time zone. They do not have to wait for the US to come online, which can be frustrating.

Pro2col have been an Ipswitch Gold Partner in the UK since 2009, are accredited Ipswitch Professional Services Providers and an authorised MOVEit Training Centre. We provide demos, evaluations, licenses, installations, training and support.

James added, “We will continue to work together with Ipswitch to grow the UK MOVEit user base and provide the highest quality support for customers’ ongoing requirements.”

Alessandro Porro, Senior Vice President, International Sales at Ipswitch added: “We congratulate them on their tremendous achievements, and look forward to continued success together.”

Find out more on our Ipswitch and MOVEit page, or watch the video below.


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WhatsUp Gold V16.4 is now available

WhatsUp Gold V16.4 what’s new in the recent release

Unified IT Infrastructure & Applications Monitoring Software

Ipswitch have now released WhatsUp Gold 16.4, the newest version of its industry-leading unified infrastructure and application monitoring software.

WhatsUp Gold 16.4 extends IT team visibility and control to include Linux and Java-based applications, new networked services, and expanded virtual environments. These new capabilities enhance the ability of IT teams to find and fix problems before end users are impacted. Additionally, customers will benefit from a simplified, more-for-less pricing model for Ipswitch’s Application Performance Monitoring designed to provide customers easy and flexible licensing with no surprises – price is based on the number of applications and not on the number of components.

New features in Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 16.4 include:

  • Extended Visibility into More Applications: New Application Performance Management (APM) profiles for critical apps running on Microsoft, Linux and Java environments
  • New Infrastructure Monitoring Capabilities: New monitors for Java applications, vSphere 6, Ping Jitter and SSL certificates
  • Improved Network Flow Monitoring: Sorting and reporting using end-point interface filters
  • Simplified User Experience: Easier administration of AD/LDAP environments with more than 1,000 groups and further automation of configuration tasks
  • More Customer Friendly APM Licensing: Ipswitch extends the industry’s most cost-effective pricing model to include its APM offering – with WhatsUp Gold, IT teams just buy what they need based on how many applications will be monitored. Unlike other APM products, no understanding of how many elements or components each application contains is required

A recent survey by Ipswitch that polled 2,685 IT professionals around the world indicated that the top challenges holding IT teams back in 2016 fell into eight distinct categories, with network and application performance monitoring (19 percent), new technology updates and deployments (14 percent) and time, budget and resource constraints (10 percent) among the top responses. In developing WhatsUp Gold 16.4, the Ipswitch team aimed to alleviate these pressures from IT teams by addressing these key obstacles with its new and improved product.

New WhatsUp Gold unified monitoring includes expanded virtualisation, application, platform and database support

For more information about WhatsUp Gold, to arrange a demo or get pricing, please do not hesitate to contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.

Ipswitch MOVEit Ad Hoc shortlisted for SC Magazine Technology Award

Ipswitch MOVEit Ad hoc shortlisted for award

Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit Ad Hoc is shortlisted for SC Magazine Europe’s ‘Best SME Security Solution’ Technology Award. MOVEit Ad Hoc ensures secure sending and receiving of sensitive files and messages between individuals and groups.

MOVEit Ad Hoc technology provides peace of mind for businesses sharing mission critical digital information with their employees, partners and customers using Outlook or any simple browser interface. A recent Ipswitch study reveals that more than a third of people sharing information are doing so insecurely, through personal email or consumer file-sharing sites. MOVEit Ad Hoc provides a simple yet secure solution to sharing files which avoids this increasingly prevalent risky behaviour.

SC MagazineSC Magazine is the world’s largest dedicated IT security publication, serving the industry for over 15 years. The SC Awards Europe are among the most coveted and prestigious awards for the information security industry, honouring vendors that deliver the most innovative security technologies. Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit Ad Hoc has been shortlisted for a Technology Award in the category of ‘Best SME Security Solution’. This category is open to innovative products addressing the security demands of smaller enterprises. Winners will be announced at the SC Magazine Europe Awards on 23 April, to be held at London’s Hilton Park Lane.

“For over 20 years Ipswitch has been a leader in providing secure Managed File Transfer solutions,” said Jeff Whitney, VP of Marketing for Ipswitch File Transfer. ”It’s an honour to be recognised by SC Magazine, not just for ourselves, but on behalf of the many businesses and industries that depend upon Ipswitch File Transfer to protect their most valuable and sensitive information. It’s particularly rewarding for MOVEit Ad Hoc to be recognised on the heels of our recent launch of MOVEit Cloud Ad Hoc – our easy-to-use, IT-approved, cloud-based File Transfer solution.”

MOVEit Ad Hoc is part of a portfolio of MOVEit solutions which also includes:

  • MOVEit File Transfer: System and Workgroup Sharing: supporting the exchange of files and data between servers, systems and applications within and between organisations
  • MOVEit Central: Workflow Automation: automating the flow of information throughout a business, with push/pull of files, guaranteed file delivery and built-in PGP encryption and decryption

Ipswitch File Transfer’s other products include:

MessageWay: a platform for secure B2Bi and managed file transfer (MTF)

WS_FTP Professional: desktop software enabling end users to upload and download files

WS_FTP Server: server-based software for simple, secure file transfers

Managed File Transfer in Action

Managed File Transfer in Action

Managed File Transfer in Action

A well known utilities company in Yorkshire were using multiple legacy systems and 2 disparate FTP solutions to move data into, out of and around their organisation. These systems had grown organically over time to tackle isolated file sharing issues when they arose. As it transpired, this approach left the company with an ungovernable mix of system to system and FTP solutions that required manual interventions and the ongoing revision of batch scripts.

The mounting costs generated by work duplication and management overheads, accompanied by the risk associated with the absence of failover was becoming a genuine concern. Bearing in mind that these systems were executing business critical processes such as billing, debt management, banking and delivering mission dependent data to employees in the field – recreating these undocumented workflows in the event of a disaster would be costly. Considering the sensitive nature of certain pieces of data moving through these workflows, securing data was also a priority.

Pro2col worked alongside the customer to develop an understanding of their processes and document their key requirements. Armed with this information, we were able to identify the technologies that would meet these requirements, and help them through the selection and evaluation process. Specifically, the company were looking to:

  • Secure the sending and receipt of confidential business and customer data
  • To further automate the retrieval of time sensitive data from remote systems to provide real-time updates of vital information to their workforce at regular intervals throughout the day.

In terms of features, the company were looking for:

  • A solution that would support FTP, SFTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS.
  • A user-friendly GUI for administration and configuration as apposed to CLI and scripts.
  • The ability to schedule time or event driven actions.
  • Pre and post processing ability i.e.; archiving, moving, deleting files that have been processed.
  • The capability to report failed transfers and system problems.
  • Potential to integrate with HP OpenView for system reporting.
  • Ability to perform ad hoc file transfers manually and simply via web browser or email plugin.
  • Ability to run concurrent processes.
  • Automatic fail over to a backup system.
  • Compatibility with Windows 2008 R2.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Based upon the information we gathered through the consultancy process, we were able to recommend the most suitable solution to meet their objectives – in this case, a combination of Ipswitch MOVEit Central and MOVEit DMZ with the Ad Hoc Module. MOVEit Central was specifically designed to automate a wide range of mission critical file transfers, enabling the company to automatically “pull, process, and push” all files to any platform, including network architectures, operating systems, and protocols. It would integrate directly into their existing data workflows, consolidating their automated file transfer tasks and allowing IT staff to create/administer them via a user friendly GUI interface. For the ad hoc aspect of their file transfer requirements, MOVEit DMZ with the ad hoc module provided a secure, end to end solution for employees to send and receive mission critical files.

This just gives you an idea of the potential of these solutions and the levels of automation that can be achieved. Within an enterprise environment such as a large utility company, an managed file transfer solution can save hours of manual processing and ensure that all the information is where they need it, when they need it. As with all of our customers, we’ll be working with this organisation in the months and years to come, and look forward to helping them achieve their maximum ROI.

Click here for more information on the Ipswitch file transfer products.

Click here if you are interested in the consultancy services, which helped this organisation identify the right solution for them.

Alternatively don’t hesitate to contact a Pro2col team member on 0333 123 1240, if you wish to discuss your particular file transfer requirements.

Managed File Transfer Buyers Guide

Managed File Transfer Buyer’s Guide – Start your research here

What is MFT and how does it enhance security, productivity, compliance and visibility? This free guide is compiled from 16+ years’ experience. It includes definition, product features & use cases.

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