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Is PSN approval enough?

Anyone associated with local government right now is aware of the headache of PSN (Public Services Network) approval, the evidence trail, the multiple iterations and the tight timescales. However, with the constant squeeze on local authority budgets and the drive to working with partners to deliver services, is PSN enough? How do you protect the information about a vulnerable child, when sharing it with the school, NHS, Police, private counselling contractor and so on. In a recent survey* 67% of councils stated that they are sharing data with 5 or more partners to deliver the Troubled Families initiative. This number can only increase as other programmes such as the move of children’s public health commissioning to local authorities next year.


One of the issues thrown up by this approach is the ability to share data. Survey respondents raised this as one of their primary concerns: ‘Data Sharing between organisations’; clear and consistent co-ordination and information sharing’; ‘Culture shift from silo working and inconsistent collaboration’. Pro2col already help several councils to address these issues with cost-effective, secure file transfer solutions, including Cambridgeshire County Council.

“Our users and partners are very happy, we have successfully changed our file transfer methods with minimal disruption, we have very robust measures in place to prevent leaked data, and we’ve exceeded all of our objectives for the project.” ALAN SHIELDS. IT Architect Team Manager

If you would like more information on the solution we provided for Cambridgeshire, please download the case study from here.