Moving on from FTP

Five steps on where to begin

“My company still relies heavily on FTP. I know we should be using something more secure, but I don’t know where to begin.”

Sound familiar? The easy answer is that you should migrate away from antiquated FTP software because it could be putting your company’s data at risk – unsecured data is obviously an enormous liability. Not only does FTP pose a real security threat, but it also lacks many of the management and enforcement capabilities that modern Managed File Transfer solutions offer.

No, it won’t be as daunting of a task as you think. Here’s a few steps to help you get started:

  • Identify the various tools that are being used to transfer information in, out, and around your organisation.
    This would include not only all the one-off FTP instances, but also email attachments, file sharing websites, smartphones, EDI, etc. Chances are, you’ll be surprised to learn some of the methods employees are using to share and move files and data.
  • Map out existing processes for file and data interactions.
    Include person-to-person, person-to-server, business-to-business and system-to-system scenarios. Make sure you really understand the business processes that consume and rely on data.
  • Take inventory of the places where files live.
    Servers, employee computers, network directories, SharePoint, ordering systems, CRM software, etc. After all, it’s harder to protect information that you don’t even know exists.
  • Think about how much your company depends on the secure and reliable transfer of files and data.
    What would the effects be of a data breach? How much does revenue or profitability depend on the underlying business process and the data that feeds them?
  • Determine who has access to sensitive company information.
    Then think about who really needs access (and who doesn’t) to the various types of information. If you’re not already controlling access to company information, it should be part of your near-term plan. Not everybody in your company should have access to everything.

Modern Managed File Transfer solutions deliver not only the security you know your business requires. It also allows you to better govern and control you data and provides visibility and auditing capabilities into all of your organisations data interactions, including files, events, people, policies and processes.

So what are you waiting for? give Pro2col a call on 0333 123 1240 and let us help you replace your legacy FTP solutions.