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AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is one of the most popular methods for transporting data securely and reliably over the internet. Linoma’s GoAnywhere software has supported AS2 for many years to simplify the exchange of data like EDI, XML, documents, PDFs and text files with trading partners.

Drummond Certified for AS2That commitment to excellence was recently tested against the world’s highest standards for AS2 automation, as set by the Drummond Group, LLC. And Linoma are pleased to announce that the AS2 automation features in GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution, (GoAnywhere MFT™) were recognised as Drummond Certified™ in the AS2-3Q15 automated interoperability test event.

Drummond Certified products are compliant and interoperable to make sure they truly interface with the systems of customers and partners. A report listing the test results and technical parameters of a specific test may be downloaded from the www.drummondgroup.com website.

GoAnywhere streamlines, automates & encrypts file transfers using standard encryption and protocols including: Open PGP, SFTP, FTPS, & HTTPS. For questions or to schedule a personal demo of GoAnywhere MFT, contact a Linoma representative today on 0207 118 9640.

“Although GoAnywhere has supported AS2 for quite some time, our customers were telling us that becoming Drummond Certified™ would help them in meeting trading partner requirements” Commented Bob, “to be Drummond Certified™ means being part of an elite group of software solutions, and one of the few that can also offer on-premise file collaboration and managed file transfer capabilities too.”
Bob Luebbe
Chief Architect, Linoma Software

In addition to becoming certified as an AS2-3Q15 product, further testing of GoAnywhere MFT confirmed its compatibility with RFC 4130 and verified compliance with optional profiles for;

  • FN (Filename Preservation)
  • MA (Multiple Attachments)
  • FN-MA (Filename Preservation with Multiple Attachments.)
  • CTE (Chunked Transfer Coding
  • SHA2 hash algorithms supporting SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512

Other currently Drummond Certified for AS2 Managed File Transfer Solutions include;

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