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File Transfer Enables Formula 1 Teams To Go Even Faster

grand-prix_smallThe world of Formula 1 (F1) racing is one of high speeds, high stakes and leading edge technology. Data plays a key part in F1. Each car has hundreds of sensors monitoring every aspect of the car, generating data on fuel load, tyre temperature, brake performance and much, much more.

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What An Amazing Year, All Thanks To…

I’m breaking cover in this weeks blog post. Usually you’d get some useful nugget of information or technical tip about managed file transfer, however this week as our financial year ends I want to put on record my thanks for an outstanding year by the whole team at Pro2col.

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What is Managed File Transfer?

What is Managed File Transfer? If you’re new to Managed File Transfer this is a great place to start. Our definition includes example features, protocols and research analysts insights.

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