As independent experts in the file transfer industry for over 14 years, implementing over 750 solutions, we like to think we have picked up a lot of knowledge and experience in that time. Due to our objective view and thought leadership within the industry we feel we have quite a lot to share and say. So welcome to the Managed File Transfer Blog where you can find tips, updates and expert opinion.

Upgrade to EFT 7.4.5

EFT 7.4.5 is now available. This includes enhancements to existing modules and two new ones. This update explains what you need to do to upgrade.

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Distance no object for big data in the cloud

Steve Jones from IBM Cloud – Aspera explains trends in high-speed transport of big data in the cloud and why it is so important. This is the latest in our series of guest blog posts, each highlighting how a file transfer solution can add value to your organisation.

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Encryption at rest for GDPR

GDPR encryption at rest Welcome to the first in our series of blog posts about GDPR and data transfer. This article looks at one small part of processing under GDPR – data at rest during a file transfer, and how it is protected.

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GDPR-compliant file transfers

GDPR Compliance Soon GDPR-compliant file transfers will be an essential process in your business. Find out why it should be one of your first steps towards GDPR compliance, and how to put it into place.

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