Video: MFT Analytics

MFT analytics platform is a web-based system, which monitors all transfers executed on the MFT server. It provides in-depth monitoring for technical teams and is simple for your business users too.
Well Pharmacy MFT Case Study

Well Pharmacy: Simplifying data management

Case Studies
Wells Pharmacy was looking for a more cost-effective and advanced file transfer solution. Which would simplify and manage their automated and manual data transfers, providing greater control and security.
MFT PGP Encryption

Video: A Look at PGP Encryption

PGP is a form of asymmetric encryption, which means it uses public and private keys to encrypt and the decrypt cipher text. This short video explains how it works.

Secure Online Forms and Automation

Use Cases
Businesses need information from their internal users, external customers and suppliers all the time and it is highly likely this will include personal or sensitive data.

Start on your Information Gathering

Tools & Templates
This is the ideal resource to get your started. The forty file transfer information gathering questions help you identify some of your business requirements and needs.